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Welcome to Your Story Club – Online Short Story Publisher. We are exciting and free platform for those who enjoy reading short stories. In our collection, you will find stories by both famous and budding writers across the world providing literary exquisiteness and newness in your reading experience. We provide a healthy and encouraging platform to our writers to publish their literary work online for free and to help spread the work to the masses. This website is devoted to help and support needy & underprivileged by any monetary benefit it earns. (See our contributions)


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Am I visualizing?

I have seen many people crying and many swollen red eyes but the pain I saw in her eyes was different. I thought about her all day and night almost for a week. (Reads: 78)

Timeless bliss

Those times when you suddenly realise the smallest flower hidden in between grass. And for the first time see the beauty and majesty of clouds and the breakthrough of sunlight underneath a lush tree. (Reads: 387)

Of the Occult

The need to burn everything came from the tale of drowning everything that is to say, when Alicia convinced herself that the Asian girl she had met had some sort of mystical powers, she also believed in the existence of mystical powers. (Reads: 219)

Moving On

What is more difficult: being with someone forever because you love them, or letting them go because you can’t love them enough? (Reads: 448)

The Emperor of Soap

Eddie tended to drift into whatever jobs were available that would pay the rent, and that often led to him living some of the craziest stories you could ever hope to hear. (Reads: 136)

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