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Short Poems

Few Hindi poems describe the importance of someone in one’s life and about the time when you fall in love with someone and fear to lose them. (Reads: 2)


Dream read a book about mental disorders. She wanted to know what was wrong with Sham so that she can help her somehow. But the idea that Sham had some disorder was scaring her. (Reads: 0)


And I also remember how I jumbled the two different loves and almost ruined our friendship. I was so confused if I loved her like a best friend or like a lover. (Reads: 0)

Fake A Smile

I heard teachers trying to get through the ever growing crowd to break up the fight and when they made it through they saw me with blood covering every inch of my body and the terrified girls, unharmed, in front of me. (Reads: 0)

Memories never die

As she opened the door,she was surprised. The room was shining with candle’s lights. She was very happy.Her husband was sitting in a chair. (Reads: 0)

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