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Welcome to Your Story Club – Online Short Story Publisher. We are exciting and free platform for those who enjoy reading short stories. In our collection, you will find stories by both famous and budding writers across the world providing literary exquisiteness and newness in your reading experience. We provide a healthy and encouraging platform to our writers to publish their literary work online for free and to help spread the work to the masses. This website is devoted to help and support needy & underprivileged by any monetary benefit it earns. (See our contributions)


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The Bindi

I panicked and started searching in almirahs and cupboards. Suddenly I saw a bright red spot on an old steel box placed inside the cupboard.I went near it and viola it’s a bindi! (Reads: 0)

The Hundred, and the Captain and His Ship

Since the fisherman’s boat cannot accommodate the 100 passengers all at once, he offered to only have 10 passengers in his boat at a time and paddle to a nearby island until all 100 is brought to safety. (Reads: 0)

Pages from my diary

The family finished breakfast with minimum incidents. Mummy leaves R to dad and tries to clean his wardrobe. Mom starts humming a song and feels positive. (Reads: 0)

Fate – The Unquestionable

Jaya became really scary even though she is well aware of her son’s character. May be this is why we say a lady’s intuition is more powerful than a man’s surety. (Reads: 0)


All of a sudden, the car slowed down. There was a road block ahead and he witnessed a crowd in front of them. Everybody was trying to move ahead. the road was packed with police vans and other vehicles. (Reads: 27)

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