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Welcome to Your Story Club – Online Short Story Publisher

Welcome to Your Story Club. We are Online Short Story publisher. We encourage budding and upcoming writers by publishing their short stories from various genres. Thus we have huge collection of short stories, in various short story categories, by many famous and new writers, from India and abroad. These short stories are available for free.

This website is devoted to help and support needy & underprivileged by any monetary benefit it earns. It expects its members to take personal interest in promoting this platform and support by suggestions and feedback to make it even better. Additionally, you can donate any prize won to its initiative to help needy. Currently it donates such collections to an orphanage operated by Guild of Service Coimbatore India. (See our contributions)


Our Mission: Best in Class Platform for Budding Short Story Writers

We strive to create “The Best” platform for budding writers by honouring their creativity and thus bringing out their real talent, by enabling their writing through state of art resources, and by spreading their work to the masses and thus establishing them in their writing profession.

This platform is devoted for helping and supporting underprivileged.


Our Goal: To be Recognized as Esteemed Short Story Publisher

We would like to be recognized as an esteemed publisher where experts, amateurs and hobbyists would feel proud to publish their unleashed creativity through stories.

We would “create” happiness and bring smile for the needy ones.

We invite everyone to join us and feel proud to be called as “Short Story Writer”.


Our Values: Create, Share & Respond

We believe in CSR: Create, Share, and Respond.


Our Logo:

YourStoryClub’s logo has letters ‘y’,’s’ and ‘c’ written in lower case using Bauhaus’93 font. ‘y’ and ‘s’ are written in orange colour and ‘c’ is in green colour. ‘ShortStory Publisher’ is optionally written under ‘ysc’ using Arial font in black colour.

“Orange colour represents enthusiasm. It is about using vibrancy of youth for creativity. Green means happiness and wellness. Our logo represents our mission bringing smiles to needy by using creativity of energetic Gen Y”

—Soumya Tripathi, Chief Editor YourStoryClub


Press Release:

[15 Dec 2012] – A Dream Come True


Online Short Story Publishing:

Join us for free to publish your short story online and to feel proud to be part of our elite club – Your Story Club.


“Storytelling is an ancient and honorable act. An essential role to play in the community or tribe. It’s one that I embrace wholeheartedly and have been fortunate enough to be rewarded for.

… Russell Banks



  1. sagarika9 says

    Why are the reads unavailable for all stories?
    please editors and webmasters see to it otherwise how will we know the number of reads

  2. says

    Mam i give the thanx to your social work because peoples are fill with selfish intendtions
    i am writer engineer and poet
    can i publish my technical content here
    sandeep tandon

  3. says

    We are happy to announce that “number of reads” feature is now available and shown immediately after the excerpt on your story page. As this feature uses data directly from our google analytics account, earlier reads are not missed. Please note that data is updated after some interval (few hours). Few story page may not show the data and looking into the issue.

  4. says


    When I said that it didn’t matter at all, I meant “to YSC management”. I had never any doubts about you, Sri or all the other well-wishers of mine.

    Regarding the “push to write better”, my writings are inspired by “my strong feeling for topics”. The reader-count is essential only for knowing the reach of the story.

    I maintain that the relation between publisher and writer is SYMBIOTIC. The writer, too, contributes his/her work to make the site a success, just as the publisher gives an opportunity, a window to the aspiring writer. This is NOT EGOISM, Tejas. After all, I may continue to contribute; I am not sure. I wish YSC all the very best, even if I discontinue my contributions.

    I am very happy that you young writers find my writings “inspiring”.

    Shyam Sundar Bulusu

  5. Tejas Jani says

    Aah, Thank God, you are not going to report to the Police. I was nervous about that.

    Yes, as you said, it is the symbiotic relationship and that relationship gave me (and I am sure to Sri too) the right to ask from you what we did.

    About what you said regarding what the publisher has to measure their popularity and what we, as writers, have, just measure your popularity by what we, the readers, have to say to you personally through these replies. They are more than the read counts to you, I hope 🙂 This is actually the reflection of the impact your stories leave on us.

    I understand that a count appearing by your story would give you a big push to write more and better. But it is must be a conscious decision and, I am sure, they would have understandable reasons behind it. We cannot deny what YSC have given us as readers and writers so far. Solely based on that I urge you to let it go and carry on.

    And if you thought your decision doesn’t seem to matter at all, please read, again, what we said.

    So, let’s get your spirits back up high and let’s float some words. Shall we?

  6. says

    Dear Sri & Tejas,

    This is emotional blackmail! BTW, I like it and am not even going to report it to the police!

    I am aware of all the aspects elaborated by you and agree with you completely. Let me dwell upon a couple of important points.

    The publisher (YSC) and the writer (you, others, and me) enjoy a symbiotic relationship; it is undeniable that it is mutually beneficial to both. This must be respected and nurtured carefully by both sides. Commenting, rating, discussing are byproducts of the publishing exercise.

    The publisher measures the site’s popularity by means of number of contributing writers, number of contributions, number of published stories/poems, and last but not the least, the revenue through advertisements on the site, while the writer has only the number of readers and the number of comments of appreciation to judge his/her popularity. Denying this basic information to the writer (whose contribution has been published) is not fair, at least in my opinion. Well, the writer is helpless since it is not his/her site.

    I don’t want to pass any harsh or rash remark. However, given the rigid decision of YSC management, I had to take the decision. Moreover, it doesn’t seem to matter at all!

    I am sad because I feel that I have contributed much more to the YSC site than merely 39 short stories and 11 poems.

    Sorry, if I disappointed you but I assure you that I shall think over what you said. Keep up your good work and God bless you. I am always with you, children.

    I will continue to write since it is my passion. I shall be publishing my second book soon. So, don’t worry on that count; I’ll keep you informed of all my writing escapades – novels, short stories & poems.

    Shyam Sundar Bulusu

  7. Tejas Jani says

    Dear Bulusu Sir,

    When someone’s words inspire many more others to write, he is a gifted. When someone’s stories leave their impact on readers’ heart, he is a gifted. When someone’s attention to details when it comes to reading, reviewing and feed-backing a story helps younger breed of writers enormously, he is gifted. When we get to read what a gifted writer has to offer, we feel gifted.

    No reason, no person or nothing should be good enough to refrain, someone as brilliant as, you from writing. As writers, something always motivates us, pushes us; I know. But, in lack of one source of inspiration, we must find another. But it must go on. This is not just for writing, I feel, implies to life too.

    Well, who am I lecturing? You know it with all your experience, don’t you? I just wanted to give your experience a little perspective of my own so this comes from the heart.

    For you, how far your stories reach in terms of the counts may be important to you, but as one of those counts being myself, I can tell you that those who read it cherish it for a long long time. The quality of your work is way beyond the quantity it reaches; any day.

    And should I tell you a secret? I am telling you all of this is partly because I am selfish. Yes! I am not rich enough to miss such a great writer for any silly reason. So please do what you do the best; Write! If my words would, even in a little way, get your pen touch the paper again, I would be honored.

    Looking forward to reading more from you, and soon 🙂

  8. Srichandra says

    @Bulusu Sir : I am sorry, though your letter was not meant for me but your last two lines compelled me to write this. Sir, you are an asset to all of us and it was through YSC that we came to know of your talent. Infact you not just marvelled us with your stories but also with your immensely helpful comments time and again. I, for one, have shamelessly and unsuccessfully tried to copy your style of writing a number of times. And I am sure, many of my co-writers have done the same. Everytime I’ve posted a writing I’ve wondered if I would meet your expectations more than anything else. You cannot just ‘not write’ for the absence of number of reads! I agree that number of reads is crucial but for a writer much more important is the love that he gets from his fans and I am sure you have many! You are not just a tremendous writer but time and again you hold up a mirror in front of us and that is important. You are the benchmark against which we judge our own writings. So, it is not just my request it is my demand that you do not stop writing and submitting posts at YSC! Hope to see your story soon…..

  9. says

    Dear Chief Editor,

    I am just a self-published author, not an “esteemed writer” as you generously mentioned in your email. Generally, my association with YSC has been good. Thanks for publishing many of my stories and poems, except one story, which you found “inappropriate”. I could hone some of my latent skills, no doubt. I have received brickbats and bouquets for my writings. I thank my readers for everything. However, the proof of the pudding is in its eating. So is it with a story. For a writer, the important basic measure of the success of the story is to know how many people have read it and then comes the appreciation part. Without it, there is no knowing how far and wide the story has reached. It is just like my self-published book. Publishing was the easier part but the sales figures have been dismal. Do you see what I mean? When one does not know how many people have read the story (reader-count), what is the point?

    I am available to participants of YSC. Upon request by authors, I will continue reading posts and commenting on them. If any budding writer thinks that I could be of help, she/he can contact me through email. However, in view of the stand taken by YSC, I am not sure about submitting my writings anymore.

    When I joined YSC, I never imagined that I would, one day, be saying these words. It is sad.

    Blessings & regards,

    Shyam Sundar Bulusu

  10. Estherkhasake40 says

    Hello I would like to know is the YSC cated for Hindu people only,and if your story gets published what will happen next are you rewarded or,your response will be highly appreciated because I am interested.thank you.

  11. ruchika06 says

    my story has been published recently.
    name- god’s little angel(brightening my life).
    kindy provide your valuable feedback

  12. sainath says

    My first story, “My Last Love Letter” has been published recently. Some feedback on that, please.


    Respected Sir,
    My story which is posted by me yesterday is still in pending and i don`t know it is published or not.

  14. Raju Panda says

    Respected sir,
    i want to share my story “THE CHAIR” at fb plz provide me with the link

  15. Tamanna Sharma says

    Respected sir, can you please tell us how to write in like i want write hindi poem: “Kaise hum unke ho gye’

  16. tanyasehgal says

    I can’t really figure out how can I publish my short stories here. There’s no email mentioned or any other mode of submission. Kindly, let me know the procedure please as I would love to get my short stories published.

  17. shyam sundar bulusu says

    Yours is, at once, a laudable effort. I know, because I have been submitting my English fiction (six novels of different genres) to various publishing houses to no avail. In your effort I and many other “budding” writers found a friendly platform to express ourselves; to submit our short works (stories, poems, experiences, etc.) It has given me a highly rewarding experience. I, for one, cherish my nascent association with you. All the best and God bless you & your whole team.

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