Author: agarwalneha964

I have been born & brought up in Lucknow. Currently I have completed my MBA from lucknow & in graduation I had done B.Tech. I hate socializing & love reading. I like cooking stories since my childhood & want to do so until my death.

Had to Suffer

Fate can’t be changed. No one can tell what exactly will happen in future. Sometimes it’s good, very good and sometimes very bad beyond our imagination (Reads: 229)

I Am Not God

Expectations are unending and so are the desires which drive human action and behaviour It was a tense week, Pallavi’s parents want too much from her (Reads: 109)

Ruined Life

Life seems too boring for a girl who feels neglected by his own parents. She doesn’t like this society or this world full of dominance of men (Reads: 259)