Author: Akshay Raj Chovhan

I first thought of writing when I read Julius Caesar I tried writing similar conspiracy story but stopped halfway, then again when I wondered what I wanna be when I grow up and soon being a writer became least of all. I tried few things in CG arts but didn't get anywhere nor was it so fun later. Sketching has been a hobby until I got squeezed between part time job and studies. Then I graduated in B.Com. I had come up with a story for a short animation long time ago, later when I gave it ink and paper I realized I got better at writing than earlier...? I decided to write fictions and sketch as a hobbyist.

Looping Rill of Blood (Episode-5)

Past is that annoying good friend whom you can strangulate, bury under ground and stand on its grave looking up at your future but you cannot kill it. When you try to walk away, it’ll stick its stiff hands out to grab your feet, anchoring you into a fall. (Reads: 111)

Dead Weigh More

In the rear view mirror, I saw the old house behind me blew up, the gas regulator in the kitchen went off and the fires curled the rubble as it elevated high in sky with a fire ball, the falling bricks and remnants looked like devil’s tears, raining fire. (Reads: 634)

Sounds of The Birds

Those small colorful birds singing their songs, smarting the stillness out of dawn, turning smog and loneliness brought to world by the passing night into colorful, joyish hour. (Reads: 303)