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Jeevan ki Bhag Daud

This is a poem about life and its problems and emotions of every person (Reads: 1,278)

Few Hindi Ghazals

Three Hindi Ghazals – (1) Dil Ki Baat: she is the secret of my heart (2) Kasam: eyes convey language of heart (3) Kuch Hona Baaki Hai Abhi: my funeral is still pending. (Reads: 263)

Collection of Three Hindi Poems on Love

Three Sweet Hindi Poems on Love – “Saya” – I am there wherever you are, “Majhi ke panne” – Missing the past, and “Naseeb ki baat” – It is destiny. (Reads: 2,139)

For You – Hindi Poetry on Love

Editor’s Choice: Hindi poetry on Love – a person is devastated in love, his dream shattered, and life became meaningless. Still he is happy for his love. (Reads: 2,249)

lafz, tum aur main

Hindi poetry under love and romance category. Wordings are not so powerful to express the feelings but tears are. (Reads: 407)