Author: Ananya Mahapatra

Books, food and music are my life! I'm a huge fangirl and a pretty weird person in general. I feel the happiest when I'm writing. I love the beautiful feeling you get when you read or write and I absolutely love words and how you can express yourself so wonderfully through them. And I adore making people happy. I'm currently a wild and free 14 year old who's trying to take life's challenges as they come.

Last Words

I eyed the walls dirty with paint and food stains everywhere and sighed. I swore that girl sometimes drove me crazy. I walked out of the room. Read story of mother-daughter love (Reads: unavailable)

Moving On

Life is made of both sorrow and joy,we should keep our chin up and move on. Keeping in our hearts what we hold dear,Always trusting that they’ll be near. (Reads: unavailable)