Author: anjali

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Trenches at the RR Hill

As being part of Army life never let’s a dull moment in. The life in the Army , takes us to places, which one would not even think of travelling to, in wildest of their dreams. (Reads: 121)

The Devil’s Tree

I look around , try to figure out the source of the fragrance. And then I notice something peculiar near the lonely tree. In the dark of the night it is no more lonely, unlike the day. (Reads: 228)


The aroma, of the freshly falling raindrops is intoxicating for the human beings, animals and birds hide under the shady trees, and the branches of the trees dangle under the weight of these rain drops. (Reads: 136)

Love amidst the tombs

The graves of the royal kings and their kith and kins lie silently, they being disturbed by these love birds or rather enjoyed the whole thing about the blossoming love and acted as a haven for the love-lorn people. (Reads: 36)

Vanishing Hills

Instead of salubrious weather and pristine environment I was greeted by the scorching heat, April turned out to be the cruellest month, even on the hills. The picturesque and plush landscape did not welcome us. (Reads: 74)

Retirement blues

Why is retirement termed as ‘the end of road’ for the ones retiring . It is a beginning of new chapter in ones life, to see and feel new beginnings and experience something different. (Reads: 64)