Author: Anu Lal

Anu Lal, a regular contributor for many web based journals and publications, is a Post Graduate from the Kannur University, Kerala, India, in English literature. A winner of many awards and honors in his University and other writing competitions, he is presently located in one of the most beautiful corners on the planet, Kerala, South India, with his parents and one sister. He also teaches English. His writing is greatly influenced by the human nature and mysteries of the land and its culture. His blog has been acclaimed as one of the most widely read blog pages, generating clicks from more than 150 countries around the world. You can contact Anu Lal at

City Thieves

A person in a wrinkled grey shirt walked faster towards the entrance. He placed the bill on the cashier’s table and paid the amount with changes (Reads: 68)


“Crimson,” I called the earthworm. It didn’t look up, though. Of course, he might not have learnt it that I had given him a name, yet. “Crimson,” I called it again. (Reads: 127)