Author: ArchanaMishra7

Archana Mishra is a published short story writer and Poetess. She describes herself as deeply spiritual, philosophical and emotional. Super introvert, Archana loves to spend time in the lap of mother nature and ponder over life, this world and beyond. An ardent admirer of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore's verses, she is passionate about poetry. Her first poetry collection, 'The Dusky Dreams:साँवले सपने' is all set to hit the book shelves soon! It is being published by Delhi based Authors Press Group.

Happy Holi, Sudeshna.

He was Arjun. But mad in love like Radha, sudeshna considered him her Krishna. How beautiful was the love of Radha and Krishna! Why can’t human love be like that? Why couldn’t her Krishna feel her love? (Reads: 188)