Author: $@ggu

Writers by birth do indeed write excellent, superb, long with illustrations and etc. I am a writer by passion and that too traits were started being found in me at my age of 28.. In actual this had never been my dream. But one day I was simply sitting idle and was even bored to keep myself busy with my same old hobbies. My dad again is a bit renowned artist for his comic strips. So in fact, that was my inspiration. I thought if he can expand his 24 hrs, why couldnt I. I was nervous, but serious. I knew that that day though I might have time to write, but if I am addicted to this, I might even have to hunt for time to write for next time. But again my pen is not that strong like other writers to get a name. My writings indeed arent good but at the same time I also believe that they are logical. So I thought why dont I start on with that. This again was not enough to reach to all. So I never ever at first, thought of pushing this to you all anytime and to just keep this as my pass time. You know, that setting targets makes a job more difficult. May be because of this, taking as a pass time only just gave me courage that day to pen down for the first time. I then started thinking, what to write on. I thought and thought deeply until I remembered one incident that happened with me. That day I really had some tricks for the solution to the problem, but like others, didnt have the courage to implement and so was a sufferer. I wrote down that. But as time progressed I started recollecting more and more problems of past and also experiencing. I had solutions even for them. I penned them down all. Then one day came when I really faced one difficulty and had an instant solution as well for that. I thought why my tricks only be in my writings and not implemented in real lives. I with courage implemented that and was even successful for the first time. It then made me think that there are sufferers everywhere like me. May be a simple, real life day to day problem. They are suffering just because they have no solution to that, or though have, are unable to implement fearing of what others would think, i.e are not tricky enough such that he would have his thing out from there and noone would also be annoyed with him. So I then thought of reaching my stories to others as well. But then again my weak pen. So I made a plan here as well. I thought, in this fast computerised world people indeed dont have time to read much. I am also not good at writing, nor am I in illustrations and others. So my stories would be short, to the point, mostly with the problem and the trick. Other decorations would not be found in my stories. My stories, of real lives or fictitious, are worth reading, I believe, for teenagers and above. Each of my story has a problem and a tricky recovery from it. Swapnil is my hero who only weaves these tricks in his mind to help his friends or himself. I also believe that though my tricks are a sort of hard to implement in real lives at times, but still if applied with courage in a similar situation as mentioned, might even work out. So Happy Reading Swapnil's wisdom!!

Courtesy in public places

You would be noticing that peoples on street day by day are becoming more callous. Among what all they do, the most courtesy less of all is that they forget that they are on street (Reads: 2,416)

Mark On Sherwani

Raja Mahavir was very happy that day and was waiting for his most clever prime minister Swapnil to arrive in the court. Raja thought of playing a fowl with Swapnil (Reads: 42)

Killer Fruit

That time raja Abhimunya was ruling. Swapnil was his prime minister. Swapnil not only helped and acted as an adviser to all that Raja used to do, but also was known for his extreme wisdom. (Reads: 222)

A Hunt

In those days, raja Shivaprasad was ruling in the East India. Swapnil was very newly appointed as the prime minister of the raja. He was doing fine in advising raja in many matters (Reads: 47)