Author: BR Raksun

Honest and Bold

A beautiful girl is working as a servant maid in his palace. She is honest and bold. Her name is queen, but she cannot tell her real name openly before the ruler. (Reads: 444)


Good words are sweet like pure honey everybody likes. Bad words are like mixed honey. Bad words are like plastic flowers and do not have fragrance. (Reads: 165)

Love in five steps

I love you so much. I love you in numberless forms. I want to make you happy. I am the summer breeze in the night when you want pleasant feel. Read Love story (Reads: 332)

Tell me why

This is a small funny story about a little story and the question to answer. Just you know that put your brain to severe work to find out the reason. (Reads: 1,370)


The husband in the movie brings jasmines for the wife every day.He feels great love as he feels the great smell of the jasmines. For him, Jasmines are the best flowers of love. (Reads: 876)


This is a small social story about two friends and a job at the risk of a poor man’s family and the humanity shown by the young man who is getting the employment. (Reads: 913)