Author: Akanksha Gwalvanshi

If I say 'Life is the most imporatnt thing and very beautiful and you must live it fully'...well then you may say it is an old and very common frndz shut this thing and listen to me in a new way.....whether you are sweet sixteen or turning to be is surprising only if you want it to the beauty of nature.....feel the rain.....sing out a song....tap your the salsa.......and then at the end of the day you will realize that finally you are alive:)


The cupid must be happy on him. In her mind she had declared that very day this man as her to be father and her mother’s to be husband. She was resolute to turn this into reality. (Reads: 810)


You burned the houses,The temples, the mosques!You orphaned the child,The widow along!Oh Human! What did you earn???You cut the trees around, (Reads: 516)