Author: Daniel Bogogolela

writer of love epic ebook: ROSES/ THE CHASE. IT'S ON AMAZON and I hope you'll love it.


Never judge a book by its page or you’ll be disappointed. A case in point is this girl who has a problem and most think she’s losing her mind. (Reads: 344)

No One

I know how capable you’re of making a mess with my life but I’ve to tell you this; sometimes dreams are just that dreams. What I’m hoping for is no longer a dream but a destiny. (Reads: 53)


From this day forward, I’d like to be a good boy. The ladies from where I was at were marvellous and had understanding unlike here were I have to pay my way to a woman’s heart. (Reads: 62)

Cracking codes

Because I only love you but trust you wholeheartedly, I am going to tell you this; my heart is soft as pudding, jelly, putty soft porridge, sponge and silk. Yeah! It is all things you and I like. (Reads: 526)