Author: davidsinghforever

David Singh is an IT Professional and the author of one of its own kind of Military Action Suspense thriller novel with a backdrop of Naxal menace: The Crimson Conspiracy published recently by NE Plus Ultra Media (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. He had also been a contributing author of comic-thriller short story: Gem of A Thief in bestselling anthology: Myriad Tales – A Season of Chills, Thrills and Spills by Book Bakers. David has also won second position for two stories in a short story contest for different genres: Inspirational (story titled: Islam) and Horror (story titled: A Harmless Dead Fellow). Why stories told by David carry an element of interest for the reader is due to the extensive personal research put in by him for each tiny building block of the storyline and characterization. Besides, there is always something left for the last lines of entire thriller which leaves the reader craving more. Fond of reading action thrillers, when he finds free time from trying hands on badminton, table tennis and a few notes on music synthesizer, David loves to carve out a few lines in Hindi poetry. You can enjoy his pleasantly shocking thrillers on: Born May 7th 1973, David lives in Faridabad (HR), India. He can be reached at and