Author: eugenelatumbo

Reagan A. Latumbo is a lover of poems. He loves to write poems about all different things. Mostly based from his experience. He wrote straight from the heart. Some of his poems were published in and He also wrote some novels, both in English and Filipino language online. He is one of the contributor who submits stories, poems (both in English and Filipino language) wherein his two humor story skits were published in the Liwayway magazine Filipino language. Recently, his three one shot stories were included in three different self-published books while his three poems in Filipino language were also included as part of three self-published books.

A Life Full of Lies

I can no longer turn back the time. She can no longer wake up. I can no longer tell to her how much I truly miss her and love her. It was my father who belittled my mother! (Reads: 176)

Remember Me

May God help us find each other even if we are older. May His Holy Spirit guide us forever. May God extend our life to live longer. And May God never forget us that we truly love each other. (Reads: 109)

The Four Senses

A beautiful English poem on four senses of human. We use our eyes to see the beauty and the brightness our lives, We use our ears to hear the melody and melancholy… (Reads: 51)

Nothing Else’s Matter

Your caring and sweet voice, Your tantalizing and truthful eyes, Your sincere and honest hugs, Deserves a love from me for a lifetime. You have recognized my mistakes, (Reads: 70)