Author: greengrapes

To my girl

It’s been 18 years with you and it has been the most valuable time of my life. I remember how I pushed you to go to drawing school when everytime you pretended to fall asleep. (Reads: 124)

He’d come back!

I bent down to open it. I didn’t struggle much for I was already falling. Drowning in my own tears. Every time I took out something, I heard his voice. (Reads: 173)

20 seconds

For resting my head on his shoulders, rolling and caressing his soft hands with mine and eventually tangled again, were a few better options. Oh that hold! (Reads: 866)

A New Dawn

She was the happiest person I’d ever known. Even after David’s death, she had learnt that life was too short to think about things which were gone. (Reads: 131)

Speaking Wounds

It’s something I have said a million times: Yes, I miss you. I know it has been a long time since the wall of silence has stood strong between us. But I can’t stand it anymore. (Reads: 168)

Some Hope

My mind was as blurred as the fog had made my windows. I couldn’t think properly. Only thing I was certain about that I wanted her. I needed her. Oh God, I loved her. (Reads: 270)

Swaying Away

I looked at him for the last time . He was tongue-tied. My hands slipped from his hold and so did a tear from my eye. I didn’t know what this was. I had never wanted someone so much. (Reads: 838)