Author: hnfu

Breaking the Ice

In a corner of the school campus, there was a boy, 15 or 16 of age, in school’s sportswear who kept practising basketball shooting. He was in an outdoor basketball court. (Reads: 747)

The Bud of Love

Jim and I have been married for fifteen years. We could be said to be entirely different from each other as regards personality. I loved to chat (Reads: 269)

In the Jungle

Once upon a time, in a jungle, there was a dog family. The father died in an accident when he went out to hunt. The mother had three sons. (Reads: 181)

The Taste of Life

David was one of my few male schoolmates whom I knew in university. Due to the influence of my parents, I never gave a thought for romance, and I kept my distance with others. (Reads: 122)

The Plan

It was silence. Outside the window was a picture of darkness. The bedroom light was still on. The clock was ticking. Even this slight sound was heard in her ears. (Reads: 180)