Author: keviv

B.Tech in Mechanical. Worked as content writer in digital ad agency

If reader pays attention…

Now that the reader has paid attention…. He must find the event of some importance, or it should, in course of action, grip him further through curiosity, (Reads: 106)

A writer’s misery

You are holding a pen, with your elbow resting on the table. Under your elbow lie sheets of paper. Your gesture suggests that you have taken a pause to ponder over something (Reads: 120)

Cursed son

The little boy hurt his toe,shot the man he never knew,’I am just a little bird’ said the boy,I haven’t got any wings,how can I fly??’,They left him in the corner of the street… (Reads: 62)

Scenes from a death

When J came out of the door for the first time he almost felt as if the illusion had spread its aura beyond the premises of that lugubrious hospital where the air was occupied by the rancid medicines (Reads: 64)

A Thinking Man

Once after being content with their work, a group of workers who had built a number of buildings to provide shelter as well as working place, decided to hire a thinking man (Reads: 94)

An Evening Thought

‘I am my own enemy’ thought the man. The anguish and fury of the thought could be clearly seen on his face. His inner self was in such turmoil, (Reads: 86)