Author: Kunal Sharma

I am 16 years old student, poet and a writer. I love English and I love to write. I lives in India and my sole aim is to publish my stories and give it to Pokemon Company to make a TV show on that. I have written four stories of Pokemon. I belong to a middle class family and my father's down with Oral Cancer. My mother is general housewife. I love Science and especially Biology. I love to research and collect new data and information. I want to become an Oncologist and create a new safe method to end Cancer. I am currently working to prepare Acetylcholine and testing its effect on tumours. Being a student, I lack resources but still I have the hope that one day I'll succeed.


It’s the third series of Pokemon stories and a sequel to the previous series – Pokemon Zekrom and the Power of Infinity, revealing how the stage was set for Pokemons to enter the Human world (Reads: 218)

India – My Mother

India, The great land of diversity,India, the symbol of unity,India, the cold water of serenity,India, where in every heart resides love and pity (Reads: 33,819)

Who Am I? Chapter 3: Another Attempt

This chapter will reveal how the complications in the narrator and his friend’s relationship were cleared by the struggle of the narrator. Although his friend harbors suspicion for the narrator. Will everything be restored? (Reads: unavailable)


“Today’s fifteenth July, It’s new School Day.” I was so excited for my new school – new dress, new bag, and new friends and of course, new teachers, and new books. I was waiting for the day which finally came. It was ten minutes to seven. I dressed myself and had breakfast and saying farewell […]