Author: Al

I was born in Siberia in 1966 in Bolshevist family where I got spartan upbringing. After university graduation I left Russia to live abroad alone. Now I am married and have daughter.


Inhabitants can go And we can fly as well, just look below: The ice in every form, But we are here just to visit land And not to change its destiny. (Reads: 61)

Yesterday Faust died

Yesterday Faust died and I was sincerely upset. My world ended suddenly and the place where I was during all the last year didn’t exist any more. (Reads: 90)


They shine under sun, gray little cloud,Is above and sun is shining through it.It’s miracle: I feel cool, mild wind,Together with rain, we talked about (Reads: 136)


Smiling to himself he mechanically watched the game. He always felt himself peacefully surrounded by his friends. Cards and hands moving on the table were not interesting him (Reads: 220)


Long time ago when our city was village yet at its edge stood small pretty house. Newly married young couple lived there. Husband was respectable man in neighbourhood and this brought them together. (Reads: 540)


– You will be another person. – I am not bad at all. Why do I need to be another? – I didn’t say ”you need”, I said ”you will”. (Reads: 319)

Poetry collection

The moon is clear in transparent sky,And clouds close the stars silver dust,Cool air fills my bosom in the night,And I feel  that my love is passing by, (Reads: 149)


Sitting on the bench in city park, Ivan vividly represented to himself how the audience little by little is going mad watching his play. And he laughed heartily, (Reads: 255)


There was pleasant smell of different herbs in every corner of apartment and many interesting knick-knacks that Alice examined for hours. (Reads: 147)