Author: mamta

I am just another face in this wild menagerie. I am just another individual with my crazy imaginations, high feelings, fantasies and what not. I like being what I am, I like visiting those places inside me, I like telling stories, I prefer to put words to my feelings, my imaginations- in case I need to go back and retrieve these feelings and imaginations. These words are just place-cards for all I have inside me. As Einstein said- "I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.” - Yes it applies to me and to you as well!! And I frequently change my opinions- just like Bertrand Russell, I am not myself in any degree ashamed of having changed my opinions.- I will do that any number of times. I am my own heroin, my own protagonist, my own person. 'I' in many of the posts can be you, can be me, can be he, can be she- I does not necessarily mean Mamta here. Read from an unbiased perspective. I invite you to come and have a look in your free time, and see what I have to say, I invite you to say something about my writings in case you do want to, nothing to sweet, nor too harsh, just the way you feel... Love All!

Chapters of Life…

As she stood with clenched fist at the edge of the sea, watching it swallow the sun and spilling a splurge of wildly dark colours in the sky, she knew that one more chapter of her life ends today. (Reads: 132)


I loved the feeling of wind in my hair, the sun on my shoulder, the power in my hands, as I zoomed past various cars and vehicles on the Eastern Express Highway (Reads: 87)