Author: mcarlh

Unbreakable Ice

My name is Jamie and I’m seventeen and a high school senior and I live in the states. Here comes my Halloween story 2012. During high school, and certainty before that, my life wasn’t very dramatic. (Reads: 139)

Not because it’s easy

Me and some gamers born the same year live in an area with hundreds of row houses, each with three floors and of two hundred square meters and in long buildings painted in yellow or cream. (Reads: 38)

Alexis and Jasmin

We had the most awesome and magical adventure and when we jumped off a cliff by a waterfall I was nest to her in the air. I thought it was bad that we didn’t filmed everything and made a film of it (Reads: 81)

Aimee and Jacqueline

“Have you ever kissed someone?” I asked Aimee and she replied, “No.” “Should we try? We can kiss each other,” I said but didn’t get an answer. Then I had my chance and wasn’t nervous. (Reads: 86)