Author: Mridula

An admirer of all good works!


The windows of dreams take away my sleep.My life suddenly seem fresh and new.I know it is because of you,Let me hide this treasure deep in my heart forever……. (Reads: 4,474)

Little Goldie

Goldie looked up at the changing shadows around. The blue net was coming in.It was after Goldie and he ran away swiftly.Goldie could hear his mom shouting, (Reads: 989)

The passing

The passing is technically short. But once you enter, it appears long, sometimes too long, that you may think there is no going back , you may feel crippled to move ahead, (Reads: 1,222)

My Little Child

A winter that hard with biting wind blowing outside was a ‘big no-no’ for me always.The mistress of the house was seen seated near the fireplace brewing a cup of tea (Reads: 2,267)

An Accident

I am the wife of a famous cardiologist, the woman behind his success and his strongest support and love, as he often tells his friends. Am I? (Reads: 2,561)