Author: Nicole Travasso

Boys at War

And here I was, thinking about my own self when my best friend just died. His parents and Marie would have to face the dreaded telegraph boy with news that they’d never want to here in a million years. I had to escape. (Reads: unavailable)

Home Sweet Home

Anna walked into the room. Betty was right behind her. Then both girls saw something that made them scream. ‘What is that Anna?’ wailed Betty. She wanted to run out of the house but her legs were frozen. (Reads: unavailable)

Times in Goa

I went over to my neighbours’ and we walked to the park, And soon we were going down the slide, The sun was still casting golden light all around, ‘Ah, the times in Goa,’ I smiled and sighed. (Reads: unavailable)

My Poetry Collection

Then was whispering all through the night, Now is staring into empty space, But in between was flinging things at you, Mascara running down the face. Remember how you made it a nightmare? (Reads: unavailable)