Author: pallav

The Smile Without a Leg

In my first memory she was way taller than me. She was amazingly similar to mom but she smiled more than her. And she was always running behind me and my cousins to feed us. (Reads: 111)

A Conqueror’s Agony

The warrior couldn’t see beyond the mist. It perturbed him by challenging his perception with change in shape. Sometimes it showed a silhouette of horsemen coming towards him (Reads: 58)


The sweet milk cake Prasad mingled with some rose leaves was one of the reasons I liked to visit her house on Monday evenings. Out of some hundred grams (Reads: 198)

How much more !

The unresolved quotient of my identity is the cause of my conflict, Your being a part of me adds to the plight, In the business of my love why this pain do pry… (Reads: 82)