Author: parijat

'Parijat' literally means 'Flower of the Heaven!' On the contrary, I am simple 'Girl next door' who Breathes in her creatives. My normal day to day life only gets elated when I get the scope to express myself! Trust me, more stories to shape in near future! Stay Attached! BTW, please review and share my story whenever you find them meaningful! Lets celebrate life spoilt with the literary envision!

U and I

You were closest to me on that blissful night! Your nerves, your breaths were in complete harmony with mine. Do you remember? (Reads: 747)


It’s so blissful! Every time, I look at the same from the terrace at midnight; I feel the enchantment of this Great Universe. Amma! I want to see this world; I want to be enlightened! (Reads: 33)

Labour Pain!

Britney, look at her! Try to feel her happiness! Wait for a few more weeks to welcome her & your extended family. Past had drifted you from the waves and tides of a regular life dear. (Reads: 31)