Author: praveen gola

An online writer who is always willing to express the real thoughts of this cruel world.

Ek Anokha Ehsaas

This Hindi poem highlights the feelings of a mature lady when a young lad tried to convince her to express her Love towards him and lastly she did the same and took it as a unique feeling. (Reads: 207)


This Hindi poem highlights the feelings of an unknown person who was very much stubborn ,when a female writer gave Him a gift, He strictly refused to show any gratitude about His feelings.  (Reads: 181)

Ek Naya Kaarvaan

This Hindi poem highlights the feelings of a female writer in which she is describing that how once she was standing alone some years back and how a single helping hand made her life totally changed. (Reads: 213)

Tum Itni Achchi Kyon Ho?

This Hindi poem highlights the pain of a women in which one of her known person was trying to overpower her by passing the lewd comments without caring about her. She tried to give a reply of his question regarding the same. (Reads: 983)

Those Three Words

This English poem highlights the importance of those three words i.e I Love You , that every Lover wanted to say in front of her Love but as sometimes some of them are unable to speak. (Reads: 93)