Author: Ranjini

A Way Of Life

Why cannot I rely on myself then? I came to learn more about the life in a City. I cannot wait to get there. Though it’s with another stranger I would go; (Reads: 340)


I saw her enter the café in grey sweatpants, a black leather jacket half open showing off her vibrant pink sports bra and well worked out midriffs. (Reads: 558)

A Reunion Much Awaited

Stopping by the market, she filled her basket with varieties of fruits, vegetables and some necessary groceries for making a delicious dessert (Reads: 4,055)

Lethal Desirability

By the time she reached outside the apartment, he was gone, and she limped behind his vehicle which was zooming in the crowded city street, shouting out for him. (Reads: 85)

Faulty Knot

She looked wonderful, in the heavy silk saree with pure gold zari along the border of the six yards. She was decked up with the most well designed gold jewellery (Reads: 201)