Author: shishirnitam

Her Life

They got the perfect bridal dress,All the Aunt’s and sister’s were ,impressed.The festivity was of a long week,The bride was sitting there all meek. (Reads: 132)


His glib talks and infectious joy made me smile as it always does. He can’t ever be silent and he never falls into a reflective moods, as I do. (Reads: 1,112)


My mind went blank with fury. What I wanted say was ‘No I would not be interested in this peanut’. I wanted to punch his superior looking smug face. (Reads: 209)


She saw a beautiful male,Her eyes filled with black soot,Speaking from behind the blue veil,Her eyes told what in her heart brew.He stood there like a statue,Thinking such creature walks (Reads: 75)


Since you asked,I will tell you. I am a predator. I am dangerous, bloodthirsty and powerful being .Humans have various names for us, I prefer VAMPIRE. (Reads: 1,712)