Author: shyam sundar bulusu

Me, briefly! • PUBLISHED AUTHOR OF "DANCE OF LIFE • Authored SIX books & FIVE episodes of children’s fantasy adventure series; • Looking for PUBLISHERS or FILMMAKERS or TV FILM MAKERS; • Worked as freelance editor for a company publishing books on management, marketing, tourism, electronics, etc. • Worked as Sub-Editor (English) in a company publishing children’s books; written TWO Hindu mythological story-series for children;


When I grope in darkness not finding my life, Knowing I must trudge along on unknown path. I miss you, my darling, beside me. .Just your pictures hang on lifeless walls and your memories in a shattered heart. (Reads: 142)


Let us be there for each other until the last breath, in happiness and sorrow, in prosperity and adversity, in vicissitudes of life.I feel life would be more meaningful for the two of us. We can share our experiences, enrich each other’s life. (Reads: 447)


The unseen walls of his mind were pulsating with the sensation. He was slowly going insane. Desperately trying to pull out his hair, Dhiraj collapsed on the dusty floor writhing and convulsing under the effects of the drugs he imbibed. (Reads: 171)