Author: Soumya Tripathi

Founder and Chief Editor of, passionate lover of literature, married, have two school-going kids, love cooking, and, if time permits, write articles to help short story writers. Published Yours Lovingly, an anthology for short love stories by talented writers of YourStoryClub.

Book Review – 15 Chameleons by Pranava Tripathi

Pranava Tripathi’s 15 Chameleons attempts the same to our contemporary society as ‘Malgudi Days’ did to our society then under the Raj. The stories in this collection are as much a satirical caricature of our everyday life as a blunt warning that a climate of decay has silently set in. (Reads: 1,608)

On Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day: short memoir about the love of a father. Son can forget or ignore his father but father would always think good for his son. (Reads: 539)