Author: Sumith

I am Sumith Shantraj and im working as IT Support for almost 7+ years.We lead our lives interspersed with incidents,which inspire,influence and finally motivate us to carry on living.'ART' is something which had a unique power to attract and hold me.To rekindle my creative abilities,desire and aspiration.And an attempt to show outwardly,I like all medium of art like writing poems,songs,sketches,painting, photography and short stories.I can only hope that my work will stimulate.

White Magic Notebook

It’s a story about Zohran who is gifted a White Magic Book by an outsider which is enclosed with supernatural pages which brings supreme happiness accompanying the darkness and greed. (Reads: 85)


Happiness is something you search but you may never find, happiness comes from giving and this is where you will find happiness. Sid found his happiness in giving. (Reads: 252)