Author: Suraj Chandel

I am a student pursuing my Graduation. I've completed 12th Science. I love to read and write.


This is a dark poem.The girl dies. She has this something she wants to do- figure out her life. And she tries all her life to do it. But she fails. And dies. (Reads: 47)


I wipe the tears with the back of my hand and close the little diary. It is 15 years later and I’m in a taxi in America where my mum lives. (Reads: unavailable)

The Descant

I’m breathing this to you,sighing, singing softly,from a stage,with no one to watch,from atop a hill
with a twirling, descending valley path,adorned with slivers,of silver twilight (Reads: unavailable)

Two Poems

She’s a sea- endless;her sea is a wishing well.Her eyes- pools tiny, reflecting my light;her mouth is a river,that flows unsure. (Reads: 2,758)