Author: Rachna tiwari

A little about myself “It is my dream come true “; were not my lines when I opted to study Architecture at Nagpur University way back in 1991. I still believe that it was by default that I got into this very interesting field and became an Architect after completing tough 5year course with decent scores. When I look back to find my inspiration and what lead to the inclination for art and architecture I am flooded with my childhood memories. I remember the very interest in mathematics was actually inbuilt by my grandfather who retired Finance Secretary at MP state services, had an amazing skill of dealing with arithmetical problems. To create something new and be innovative in your thoughts was something I inherited from my mother. She always used to come up with brilliant ideas of decorating homes, making every space look prim, proper and crystal clean. To be a perfectionist like her has motivated me towards this field where errors can be fatal. And to get fascinated towards the study of construction probably came from the fact that my father was a Civil Engineer in Irrigation Dept. I have travelled extensively with him to various construction sites mainly being at irrigation dams and canals. He had always encouraged me to learn about the design and planning of constructing a structure. I had never aspired to be an Architect as I got through electronic engineering after clearing my Pre -Engineering test but during the orientation program held for the students, I got more engrossed in reading about Architecture as a subject rather than getting indulged in other Sciences. To convince my parents that I want to opt for Architecture as my career subject than Electronics was rather tough but they were always very supportive. Here, I do need to mention that amongst all this I have always had an interest ( and still do ) to write on a subject I found interesting. I don’t think I had a natural gift for art but it was something I enjoyed and pursued it in engineering college where I studied subjects like history of architecture, construction design, graphic design etc. Although I enjoyed my architecture education, I found writing as my means of self-expression and creative outlet. Architecture is a constant study. Architects are not just artists or someone who just builds home but an architect has to address constantly evolving materials, construction methods and building technology. While studying City and Regional Planning in Ohio State University in USA, I had a great opportunity to work with Schooley Caldwell Architects with whom I did some restoration work for The State House ;making shop drawings and learning immensely about modular space planning. It is always rewarding to develop personal relationship with your clients and the studies abroad helped me develop this skill in particular. After coming back to India, I had a great opportunity to work with Reliance and did some of their web store designs mainly at CMH Road and Forum Mall at Kormangala. It was only with Citilights Builders and Developers that I got an opportunity to be a part of their 160 apartment project called Rustique at Whitefiled where as an In- house Architect I was given the right platform to perform. It was a challenging job and exposure given to me helped me be analytical, methodical and expert in solving all kinds of complexities of the entire project. It gave me immense confidence in handling and managing things to perfection. Also to be able to lead the team well, be artistic, ambitious, dedicated, passionate, charismatic, and courageous at the same time. This was beneficial for me to take up managerial roles in my future endeavors. While being involved in every aspect of planning, designing, supervising a project, the one building that I would still like to design in future has to be environment friendly where the artistic vision is not restricted by the economics and budget in particular. I would like to bring the best of the technology to design beautiful things. However over the years I have realized that though Architecture as a profession is quite enterprising and it is fulfilling to be actively contributing something to your society, your culture because the things you are building will reflect the wants and needs of the people using it. But my first love is still writing and the best way to blend both the interests is the freedom to express and joy of sharing my knowledge and experience with others who can benefit with it. Apparently, striking a balance between work and play is imperative for our well being. I have a passion for travelling and have travelled extensively throughout the country and abroad. I have loved visiting some of the exotic places like Bali in Indonesia and recently enjoyed a family holiday at Gothenburg in Sweden. Have seen many parts of Europe , Far East and did my higher studies in USA. Love to watch travel related channels anytime. Listening to classical instrumental music is something that relaxes me. I also love collecting photographs and comic books which are extremely refreshing to read when at times everything around you gets annoying and miserable. These days my favorite pass time is to spend time with my 6 years old son. 