Author: Srichandra

An 'accidental' writer and a social worker. Mummy of two kids. Writing and cooking are two of my pet passions. Enjoy reading books, listening to music and the sound of silence.

Silver Bells

She had told me about the Santa in your home without the bells. So I had quietly popped in a pair of Silver Bells with a red ribbon into her bag. (Reads: 211)


She looked at Hariprasad. And then his shadow. Like a tiny blob under the tree, the shadow with the flute was hardly close to the surreal magic it creates everyday. (Reads: 330)

The Reunion

Getting the number of a top brass business brat is not tough but convincing him for a reunion may not be so easy I guess! Easy or not? (Reads: 672)

An ordinary girl

Then de-school her…..She needs to be de-schooled. Non Formal Education system works and you know that very well. Learning is for knowledge, not for instilling fear (Reads: 352)