Creative Writing: Love Letter Contest 2013

Participate in “Creative Writing: Love Letter Contest 2013” to win up to INR 12,000 and to become published writer and earn royalty on your published short stories.


Creative Writing: Love Letter Contest 2013

“I must write you a line or two and see if that will assist in dismissing you from my Mind for ever so short a time.”
– from John Keats’ letter to Fanny Brawne

Love Letter Writing Contest

Love letter, used to express one’s special feeling of love in a romantic way, is as old as writing itself. Therefore writing love letter has very close relation with creative writing. Love letter does not just start or conclude with its writing but has extraordinarily interesting stories before and after it.

We, Team, announce “Creative Writing: Love Letter Contest 2013”another mega short story writing competition full with love and romance. This time we may also decide to publish book/eBook of stories participating in this competition; so submit your love letters and related stories to win prizes and to become published writer and earn royalty on your published stories.

(Discussion forum is official medium of communication for this competition. Kindly AVOID “direct email” or “contact us” page to communicate for this competition as there may be significant delay in reply.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: reserves rights to change, call off, cancel or suspend this competition without any notice.

Please read following instructions and terms very carefully before submitting your love letter and its story in this contest.

Participate in Creative Writing: Love Letter Contest 2013»

Content guidelines for Love Letter Writing Contest

1. Content must be a short story, based on love letter(s) and story around it(them).

2. Content MUST have at least one LOVE LETTER based on any ONE topic (listed below) along with OPTIONALLY prologue and epilogue:

LLC01 Love letter to husband/wife
LLC02 Love letter after decades
LLC03 Love letter after breakup
LLC04 Undelivered love letter
LLC05 Misaddressed love letter

3. Size of the content should be between 2,000 (TWO THOUSAND) words and 4,000 (FOUR THOUSAND) words.

4. Content must be primarily of short story genre from Love and Romance category. It may include few poetic lines or verses. However as a whole it would be evaluated as short story.

5. Language of the short story must be ENGLISH. We discourage use of non-English dialogue or word in the content. However if it is used, English translation or meaning must be immediately followed.

6. Content must not hint, describe, endorse, encourage or depict directly or indirectly rape, child abuse, brutality, suicide, violence, use of drugs, sexual explicitness, hurting any specific individual’s or group’s feeling, hate speech or any such unlawful or antisocial act.

Participate in Creative Writing: Love Letter Contest 2013»

Submission Rules for Love Letter Writing Contest

1. Short Story must be submitted for publishing (by pressing “Submit for Review” button from Add New Post) on or before SEPTEMBER 30, 2013 23:59:59 IST.

NOTE: Our editors may put back story in draft status for any clarification or correction. Such cases would NOT be considered for the competition if appropriate clarification or correction is not received by us before the deadline. Therefore, we advise to submit your story for the competition as early as possible to avoid last moment unforeseen glitches.


2. Short Story must be ORIGINAL and must NOT be published anywhere including but not limited to personal blog, online publisher, forum, news paper, magazine or book.

3. Title of story MUST include topic code (refer content guidelines for the love letter contest). For example if your story title is ‘My First Love Letter’ on topic ‘Love letter to husband/wife’ for which code is ‘LLC01’ then you must write title as LLC01: My First Love Letter

By writing topic code in title as mentioned above and submitting the content for this contest by pressing “Submit for Review” you agree to our Terms of this love letter contest as mentioned below in addition to Terms of Service which you have already agreed while accessing member area after registering with us.

4. Content must NOT include email, phone number, address or any contact detail.

5. Once submitted, it would be difficult to change the content. Therefore short story must be proofread before submitting.

6. One may submit more than one story in each category. There is no limit on number of stories submitted by a participant.

Participate in Creative Writing: Love Letter Contest 2013»

Terms Love Letter Writing Contest

By submitting your content in this contest as specified in Submission Rules for Love Letter Writing Contest:

1. You have read and agreed to’s Terms of Service

2. You authorize Chief Editor/Site Owner of and any person or organization appointed by her to publish the submitted content to website and additionally as part of any book – printed form and/or electronics form through any agent and/or publisher and/or organization as chosen by her and the appointed person or organization.

3. would share royalty received, if any, by publishing the content as part of any book – printed form and/or electronics form, as mentioned below:

  • [a] 50% of total Royalty received by would be distributed to writers based on number of their contents (stories) published in the book. For example, if total INR 100 is received as royalty, and the book contains total ten stories, writer of each story in the book would get five rupees.
  • [b] Payment of royalty as mentioned in [a] will be delivered to writer as described in Delivery of Payment section of “Write Short Stories for Money”.
  • [c] No interest would be paid if royalty is banked with (for example, if total payment is less than minimum amount to pay or writer does not provide his/her account’s detail to transfer the amount.)

4. You also authorize Chief Editor/Site Owner of and any person or organization appointed by her to edit the content for grammar, typographical and spelling correction on sole discretion of her or the appointed person or the organization.

5. You will NOT publish the submitted content anywhere else, including but not limited to personal blog, online publisher, forum, news paper, magazine or book, other than as specified in [2].

6. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless, its Chief Editor/Site Owner, its contractors, and its licensors, and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents from and against any and all claims and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising out of your violation of this agreement.

Participate in Creative Writing: Love Letter Contest 2013»

Prizes for Love Letter Writing Contest

Our editors will, using pre defined criteria, critically review and score all the stories participating in Love Letter Writing Contest. The highest scoring short stories would win prizes as mentioned in table below. Result will be declared on or before OCTOBER 31, 2013.

SECOND PRIZE INR 1,000 5 (1 from each code)
THIRD PRIZE INR 500 10 (2 from each code)

Please read Delivery of Payment section of “Write Short Stories for Money” to know about delivery of payment for the prizes won in this competition.

NOTE: Our editors’ decision will be final and we may not provide any justification for given result.

Participate in Creative Writing: Love Letter Contest 2013»

Criteria for Selecting Winner Stories

There are two main criteria on which scoring would be done. First criterion is relation of the love letter(s) with story’s plot. Second criterion is effective use of five key elements of short stories. Please visit 10 Tips – How to Write Short Stories to know these five key elements.

Following score card would be used to score contesting short stories:

Relevancy of Love Letter(s)


Content of Love Letter(s)


Selection and Development of Characters


Selection of Timeframe, Description of Place and Surrounding


Conflicts in Short Story


Grammar, Language & Dialogues


Wish you all the best for “Creative Writing: Love Letter Contest 2013” and for becoming published writer.

Short stories participating in Creative Writing: Love Letter Contest 2013.

Participate in Creative Writing: Love Letter Contest 2013»

Winner Stories – Love Letter Contest 2013

Congratulations to the winners. Our team will contact the writers of the winning stories to deliver the payment as mentioned in “Delivery of Payment” section of “Write Short Stories for Money”. If your story is selected for the paperback and eBook publishing, you would have received email from us. Kindly note that winning the contest does not necessarily qualify a story to be published and vice-versa.

FIRST PRIZE (1, INR 2000):

1. LLC01: Love Actually by TEJAS JANI


2.1 LLC01 :Letters from the past by ADITISHARMA
2.2 LLC02: Love of a different kind by PRABHJOTVARSHA
2.4 LLC04: Together at Last by MEETANAIR
2.5 LLC05: One Name, Two Hearts by SHRAVYA

THIRD PRIZE (10, INR 500):

3.1 LLC01: A Bond Beyond Love by SHRAVYA
3.2 LLC01: It Was Winter Again by NITHYA JOSHMA
3.5 LLC03: The Four Letter Word by SHRAVYA
3.6 LLC03: A Letter From The Past by ARKO MUKHERJEE
3.7 LLC04: The Love Letters by LISA DOESBURG
3.9 LLC05: Love, Letter, Lost by PRIYANKA GHOSH
3.10 LLC05: Happy Rose Day!! by ABOLI



  1. says

    Thanks Chief!
    This is a huge recognition for budding writers like me 🙂
    Absolutely delighted for winning second prize..
    Am really looking forward to more such exciting opportunities..

    Congratulations Tejas and all other winners..

  2. Tejas Jani says

    Triple Congratulations Shravya 🙂 All three of your awarded stories deserved to win. Keep up your writing and reading. Cheers!

  3. Srichandra says

    @Shravya : Sometimes a good deed you do does get rewarded…Your triple-decker win was one such reward…You are not only a good writer but a good critic as well, who takes time to read and leave valuable comments about other’s stories. Kudos to your win…keep writing and keep inspiring others to write….

  4. says

    Thanks, Chief!
    Three wins is more than I could have hoped for 🙂
    However, is it not possible to view the score card for each of the stories? I’m sure everyone would like to know…

  5. says

    Hearty congratulations to all winners of the 2013 winners and all participants as well. Let the love flow uncontested into 2014 and blossom into myriad divine flowers. God bless all 🙂

    Thanks Chief for a wonderful competition. 🙂

  6. Tejas Jani says

    Dear Chief Editor,

    Thanks a ton for the opportunity. My first ever writing contest submission and first prize! I can not ask for more motivation.

    I wish to spread smiles and positivity through my words and is giving me more than one can wish for as a platform.

    Looking forward to a stronger bond with YSC 🙂

    Thanks again. Cheers!

  7. Aboli says

    Thanks Chief Editor! I’m really ecstatic that my first contest submission was a great success! 😀

  8. StoriesAroundMe says

    Hi, I submitted my story on 30-Sep, but it got published only on Oct 3rd. Will it be considered for the contest?

  9. adithimanasa says


    I encountered problems getting registered with wordpress. I do not know if the server was down but despite several attempts to get registered, I could only get the confirmation mail around 12 AM. Moreover the password provided was not being accepted and therefore I had to ask for password change. I could post my entry for Creative Writing: Love Letter Contest 2013 only at 12 AM. The rule says that stories must submitted on or before SEPTEMBER 30, 2013 23:59:59 IST. I hope that I did not miss out. Please do let me know.

  10. Tarang says

    You have mentioned that we can win upto Rs. 12000/- can someone explain how is that possible. I mean, that the highest amount is 2000/- so how can that sum upto 12000/- ??

  11. pukai124 says

    Hello, Bhavna Lalwani, I am from West Bengal and like you, I thought of it too. Well, I prefered Bengali writing contest to the English one, because I feel it’s easier to write in Bengali than in English. But here lies the answer. You prefer Hindi, I prefer Bengali (as it’s my mother tongue), another may prefer Tamil or Marathi or Telugu or Malayalam. Actually India is the country of all and major populace of this country can write better in English (obviously after it”s mother tongue) than any other Indian language. We need English in our daily life and professional life more than Hindi though both of them are National Languages. And after all, it’s easier to write in English for me than in Hindi.

  12. says

    I liked the theme and the subtopics provided by your team. Something I would like to share with all the readers n of course wid the editors n administrators of the site as well .. well, m nt blaming or questioning naybody or anything .. but, why it is so that most of the online writing contests r held in English only, why not in Hindi.. I can write well in both of the languages still I prefer Hindi.. coz its easy to fabricate the story/idea in Hindi than in English .. moreover, if I hv to write in English, then it becomes a tougher job, it takes more time and lot more hard work .. why cnt we have contests in hindi ??????

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