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Excerpt: is a platform that is hard earned by my aspiration which finally got wings in the digital world. Chief Editor speaks about herself and her dream project. (Reads: 1,188)



YourStoryClub – A Dream Come True
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Soumya Tripathi
Chief Editor

“Soumya Tripathi, Chief Editor of, speaks about herself and the creation of her dream ‘’, a publishing website for aspiring writers.” is a platform that is hard earned by my aspiration which finally got wings in the digital world. I have been fond of reading many books – fictional, non fictional – and even have created a small library at home. I always dreamt of have my own publishing house and then, in 2011, came up with idea to set up an online short story publishing house. Thanks to my husband for enormous encouragement and support, and to his writing hobby which provided me already a small collection of his work to publish online to start with.


Yes, it is not an easy task to manage time for my dream especially because I am a homemaker, married with two school-going-kids, staying in a joint family, and trying to seek happiness by making others happy. But, when you have a dream that does not allow you to sleep, everything is possible!


My day starts at 5 am by thanking The Almighty for everything He has provided me. Soon after my prayers I immediately log in to my passion. Now, there are more than two thousands writers associated with and it is very important for a publisher to keep her writers happy by responding to them personally and quickly.


After an hour of working on the articles as chief editor I change my role to that of housewife working on the daily chores. After seeing off my husband and kids, I rush to publish stories. Finally I get time at 11 AM for my daily routine before my little son returns home from school.


My office in form of laptop is always open in my kitchen and dining area. Multitasking is a must and I am able to juggle creativity, customer care, technical support, cooking, and family simultaneously. But, I know that I have only one life in which I have to play multiple roles, and technology helps to do so. For example, I review and edit stories pending for publishing, at Tablet, while waiting for my daughter outside of her dance school.


You need to be just ‘yourself’ to fulfil your dream. What is very important is to ‘have a dream’. My vision is to make as a platform to support budding writers, a career launcher for talented writers. I shall feel accomplished only then, when this platform helps someone like me to achieve their dream.

– Soumya Tripathi, Founder & Chief Editor, [15 Dec 2012]

About the Author


We are Online Short Story publisher. We encourage writers by publishing their short stories online and as paperback and as ebook for free. We have huge story collection which is available for free for our online readers. This website is devoted to help and support needy & underprivileged by any monetary benefit it earns. It expects its members to take personal interest in promoting this platform and to support by suggestions and feedback to make it even better.

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  1. oh-man says

    HI Chief editor, is a fantastic initiative and it should hopefully reach greater heights. All the very best to stay focused to reach this goal.

  2. india19 says

    As a mother of two kids myself I know how hard it is to juggle passion vs home maker job. But I thank you for giving aspiring writers like me a chance to share our passion.

  3. Shiqran Sharfuddin Manegar says

    Hello Mrs. Editor, I am new one to your family, YSC.
    It is like a platform, where all writers gather and share their stories. and also are able to find their mistakes through the comments. I learned many things from this web. Thank you very much… for your efforts to deign this website

  4. says

    Thank you very much but it is not handled by a single person anymore, we are a small organisation now, AND we are having many amazing writers too.

  5. pallav says

    I was amazed to find out the “organisation” behind this initiative… never did it cross my mind that it could be handled by a single person…

    One (wo)man army! Truly inspiring effort mam!

  6. praveen gola says

    Congratzzzzzzzz for this wonderful journey……..I am going through with the same routine……..but still my passion brings back to me Here.

  7. Ankit Raj Bachchan says

    🙂 🙂
    On reading this, comments included, I feel like being a part of a family, and not just a website.
    The warm wishes, by the writers, and the inspirational words, by The Chief Editor, brings a smile on my face. Also, the message given through this great is motivational.
    Thanks for this platform. Enormous respect!

  8. rekha says

    “You need to be just ‘yourself’ to fulfil
    your dream. What is very important
    is to ‘have a dream’ “, well said mam…
    heartiest congratulations to u…
    n thankyou for helping all the budding authors 🙂 🙂

  9. says

    (y) (y) (y) Congratulations ma’am..yes you are an inspiration to all of the members of and others as well… are a motivation esp. to kids lyk us who think multitasking is tough……u manage everything so well…..

    I am thankful to you a lot as coz of u now i knw that ys i want to write…..this is the best platform that any budding writer can have……

    “When you have a dream that does not allow you to sleep, everything is possible!”…you are ryt ma’am

    Thanks 🙂

  10. Adwitiya says

    wow… you’re an amazing person! congratulations! and thank you for helping us writers share our stories with the world! respect!!

  11. rained-on parade says

    Great news for this website, Mrs Tripathi and all the lives connected to the shared dream of creative writing. Cheers to all of us.

  12. says

    Congratulations, Ms. Soumya Tripathi…OOPS, I meant, Chief Editor! “I KNOW I HAVE ONLY ONE LIFE IN WHICH I HAVE TO PLAY MULTIPLE ROLES”, you said. Well you haven’t done badly, madam; and done it successfully, too. Keep at it. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

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