SPIXer and Most Popular Writer are called off

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    Effective from 1 Jan 2015, YourStoryClub calls off SPIXer and Most Popular Writer awards. However it also announces rewarding INR 500 to every Editor’s Choice. Please read the updated scheme for the detail: Write Short Stories for Money

    Reason: We use counter app to count unique visitor in 24 hours. This app creates heavy load on our server and database as for every page view it updates the database after validating uniqueness of the IP address and reads huge number of records from database to display ‘reads’. Therefore, although it is a tough decision for us, we decide to remove counter app from our server.

    What does it mean to you:
    (i) No reads would be displayed at your story page or admin area
    (ii) The prize won as SPIXer until 7 Feb 2015 would still be considered valid subject to fulfillment of condition as mentioned at Write Short Stories for Money
    (iii) Editor’s Choice starting from 1 Jan 2015 wins INR 500


    Omar Adarsh

    This is ridiculous. You should have given a prior notice. This is no way to stop. I posted my story and tried so hard to get people to read it. For you it might be a matter of fun but its very serious for me. I gave huge amount of work and time to win this award. My story got around 500 reads in less than a week and I was quite positive about it winning the Spixer award. But your sudden post has broken my dreams and shattered my heart into a thousand pieces. It was not about the money but about pride and you have destroyed it all. I want you to keep this competition going. If you can’t manage it, then don’t consider stories posted after today and stop the prize. But the stories like mine, which were posted before, Should be allowed to compete for the LAST Spixer award. Show some humanity and moral Mr. Editor. It was my first story. Don’t destroy budding writers like this. Please show mercy!


    Omar Adarsh

    PS One more question. How does a story becomes Editor’s choice and what are the criterias for the same??


    Omar Adarsh

    If you don’t want to give money or can’t afford it then don’t, but please declare the winner. Dont disrespect our hard work.



    This is a small Thank You note from a fan of YSC! I just noticed the announcement about doing away with the Spixers and a reward for the ECs and couldn’t help thanking you! I’ve really been wanting to write on the same issue for long but was hesitant since it is more of an internal policy. Most of us, who are friends through YSC, have discussed about this a number of times amongst ourselves (and many of us being Spixer winners ourselves!) and we have always felt that the Spixers lately really were not even upto the mark! We felt that it hampered the overall quality of YSC, since Spixers were always shared on public platforms and read by many.
    The idea of rewarding the ECs is a brilliant one, since it is purely based on merit and every merit deserves a reward!
    So thank you once again for the brilliant decision which I am sure would encourage many to write in YSC.


    Omar Adarsh

    Whatever be the problems with the Spixer award, once an award is announced and people work hard to win it, It should not be just called off suddenly. They should have a given a prior notice. At least they should consider the stories posted till yesterday valid for the prize. The technical and “literary” issues may be right or wrong but here MORAL issues are involved. I strongly advocate that the LAST spixer award should be given. Cancelling it all of a sudden is a huge discouragement for us.


    Omar Adarsh

    And as for your questioning the quality of stories, Ms Srichandra, I want to ask you how are you so sure about the editors’ decisions?? Do you consider one person/a few persons choice as Perfect?? Or do you want to say that the public opinion is worthless?? Even the selection of Prime Minister in our country depends on public opinion and support. Moreover, its one of the qualities of a writer to attract a good audience. The best writers are also most FAMOUS ones. Even this website exists because of the people who read stories on it. So don’t undermine the importance of people. If people aren’t necessary then why does this website exists?? You can send a story as a mail(electronic or else) to your beloved Editor… That would be better than making it public.


    Aashirya A

    well … calling off a event without prior notice is like showing food to a person and taking it way ….i dont know wht know ur problem is ms/mrs srichandra … if u dont get readers for your story it is ur fault in the making of the story …don’t take out the frustration on others writers …if u dont get something destroying it is too childish…by the way ur attitude towards public is the worst ..as a writer u should have respect for the public opinion …every story that a writer writes is for public not for the editor …making a decision based on single person or a few person is like tughlak policy …u r too narrow minded to b a writer …. a writer is not a robot he has flesh and blood and within him a heart also …u might b good in english but u lack the spirit of a writer …and pls don’t make the editor a dictator of this website ….democracy is the rule of the world last time I checked the news paper ….AND EVERY WRITER THAT RESPECTS HIS WORK AND THE READERS , WILL SUPPORT THE PUBLIC OPINION ….BECAUSE WE ARE ALL HUMANS AFTER ALL ……


    Aashirya A

    if the public opinion is not given the importance and respect it deserves, this website is going to be shut down soon.


    shyam sundar bulusu

    My association with Your Story Club is from 2012. I have contributed 39 short stories and 11 poems. After the experience of contests and awards for 2013 & 2014, I wonder whether I should continue to be participating in YSC at all! The quality of stories by some of the SPIXer and Most Popular writers is not up to the mark. A stage has come where Your Story Club may have to be rechristened Your Love Story Club! While some writers, e.g. Srichandra, completely deserve the awards they received, the same cannot be said about others.

    While instituting awards like spixer and most popular writer is the prerogative of the YSC management, what can a writer do if he/she doesn’t know how many readers have read his contribution or how popular his contribution is? By removing the reader count from the dashboard and elsewhere great inconvenience has been caused to the writers.



    Dear Ms.Ashriya and Mr.Omar Adarsh: This is a forum for public debate and we just express our personal opinions. It is not necessary that we all have to agree/disagree with others. And it definitely does not help if we just insult each other. Though I strongly agree to the view that stories are for the readers and not just for the Editor. In that case there can be other yardsticks for Spixers like number of popular votes or number of positive opinions/reviews etc based on the reader’s likes and dislikes. And I very strongly agree with Bulusu Sir that the decision to do away with the number of reads is not very welcome. Rather, the stories reaching a certain number of reads can be inducted in Hall of Fame kind of thing. Then there are many writers who write quite regularly like B R Sunkara Sir, Bulusu Sir, Mr.Durga Prasad or Mr.Praveen Gola….They can be rewarded as patrons etc……There can be special encouragement mentions for new writers too. There are ways galore to encourage writers.


    shyam sundar bulusu

    The observations of Srichandra are spot on. We don’t have to be offensive either towards the management or towards on another. This is one reason why I don’t comment on YSC often. We are all free not to post on YSC. After all, YSC isn’t forcing us to, is it?

    I have submitted the following suggestion to the Chief Editor.

    “This is unfortunate and very inconvenient. The reader count is an essential information displayed along with the story and also in the dashboard. Other publishing websites do it. This helps the author to know the number of reads and assess the work.

    I suggest that some other space-consuming fields like Tags SEO SEO Title Meta Desc. & Focus KW can be removed from “Screen Options”. This would greatly reduce the pressure on the server.”


    Omar Adarsh

    Do you know why this website’s server crashed? It was because of my story. So many people were reading it throughout the globe on that day that the sever got jammed. After that the Editor called off the prize. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Editor to tell the details of this all. Within one hour a thousand people read it. But the Editor has just disappeared without giving me my award. I seek justice.



    It hurts to see such comments!!! We are one of rare websites with sole purpose to provide a free launching platform to budding writers, and, whatever way we can, help the special privileged. We really live our purpose, and so far have been greatly successful. Many of our writers, who started with and were acknowledged by us, published their books. For other talented writers, who could not get time to complete their book, we publish anthology of stories. I am sure you will also appreciate our effort sooner or later.

    Regarding we should have given notice to withdraw SPIXer award: You may like to read once again our term of these schemes which clearly mentions that we have right to call off any scheme without any notice.
    Someone also commented that soon this website would be shutdown. This website should never be shutdown, if by the grace of the Almighty our promoters continue to have willpower to help the needy.

    Regarding your comment on crashing of our web server: practically we are well prepared for any sudden surge in traffic. So don’t worry about it and focus on your writing.

    Regarding your comment on we running away with your prize, we with lot of humility have two comments. Firstly your story has not won any prize yet. It’s just your expectation that your story would have won the SPIXer prize. Secondly we spend lots of money to reward our esteemed writers. You may see few samples on our testimonial page. So your doubt is baseless that we would be running away to avoid rewarding just INR 500.

    As we do with our writers and readers, we also expect our writers and readers to be polite in communication.

    Yes, we accept that every writer would be curious to know how many readers read her content. At the moment we don’t have alternative but committed to find one. In case you are interested to know readers count of your webpage, you may send email request with link of your story page. It’s manual job to see the statistics in our Google analytics account. Expect at least a week delay in our reply. SEO options etc don’t create any dynamic behaviour of webpage and therefore removing them would not compensate for resource hungry counter APP.

    Thanks for the suggestion to reward and appreciate our regular writers. We have made note of it and will discuss internally. Further suggestions how to appreciate them are most welcome.

    We thank you for your kind understanding and continuous support in our mission.



    I cannot believe the kind of hatred that people seem to radiating here.
    Seriously people, stop with all the Hating!
    I stand by the Cheif. I think they have a very good point when they say that SPIXERs aren’t valid any more.
    And Mr.Omar Adarsh, calm your nerves down please. This is a discussion forum, not a stage.
    Writing is an art.
    It isn’t democracy.It’s NOT democratic process.
    You or “the people” don’t get to choose or vote how it ends. It’s an intellectual domain.
    It belongs to the creator.
    You need to calm yourselves down and try to act a little matured. The chief has a very valid point. And so does Sri di. (In all honesty, I find this entire argument so silly. Why would you be so threatened by the SPIXERs being removed? It’s painfully hilarious, honestly, I wanna bang my head on the wall.)
    Grow Up!! Please!!
    Have you heard of Martin’s famous quote? His statement – the author is not bound, in any way, to change his story for his readers.
    I really hope you understand that you sound like kids fighting for candy.
    You cannot judge the literary value of a story based on the number of Reads.
    And I don’t understand why this disturbs you so much.
    Here’s a kind reminder that might be of some help to you. Dickens didn’t write what people wanted. Dickens wanted what people wanted.
    Chief, We are on your side with this issue. What you did was completely understandable and perfectly logical.
    Haters always gonna hate.

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