SPIXer and Most Popular Writer are called off

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    Take a bow Team YSC! Frankly, I would have lost my cool by now!The way you all have handled the entire ‘drama’ is not just commendable but a lesson for us in effective communication.Thanks to all those who have stood by YSC. We do a lot of online browsing about writer platforms and frankly there is none so far which offers not only to publish your work but also give you a token of appreciation in the form of payment. Most of the sites even have membership fees!
    It is because of YSC that friends like Balakarthiga, Kavya could dream of publishing their works. It is because of YSC that Hema, Deloret, Tejas, Priyaskhi from different parts of India have got a chance to get together to discuss movies, music and books. It is because of YSC that we have mentors like Bulusu Sir or Nanditadi. It is because of YSC that I, sitting in one little nook with my laptop, could even dream of pursuing my childhood dream of writing stories!
    Ms.Ashriya: Appreciate your immense love for Mr.Omar. Love is blind but it shouldn’t be so blind as to lead your lover to a well of fire! Motivate him to write good stories, put in healthy comments and learn to appreciate others.


    Nishant Joshi

    The writers as well as YSC are mutually dependent on each other. The main purpose of today’s writers is not just fame rather its money because its the best way to applaud somebody. Its ok if we dont win the prize,but we are also loosing the thrill that we enjoyed by sharing our story with our friends on FB and whatsapp and to count the number of reads. For many writers,the main purpose of opening YSC was the motivation that we got after seeing the number of reads for our story. The fact is crystal clear,that the thrill that we had is slowly diminishing. I am not in any way saying anything “AGAINST” you chief,but “FOR” you. Its true that YSC has a lot of daily users and we writers just form a small community,but remember the same goes even with “GOOGLE” and “YSC”. If google is an ocean then YSC is just a droplet of water in it,if you cant satisfy our thirst then we will not take much time to simply leave you and find another droplet where we can actually quench our thirst. Please do something to save yourself to loose your popularity and be left only with some handful number of writers and eventually get completely diminished on google. By the way your traffic or load on the server is nothing compared against social networking sites. Have a talk with some IT engineers on how to control these things. You are stopping your own progress by pulling these events off,instead of this you must start new events which will attract new people and in the long run you will be the one who will be making out hell lot of bucks. Internet is a gold mine,try to extract gold. If you will stop, then there are many others who will be benefited not because of their hardwork but only due to your negligence. Please think deeply over this matter because you are definitely going to loose a hell lot of your daily users.

    Best regards from one of your “gradually turning despondent writer”.


    BR Sunkara

    I wish to say only one thing. Winning prize is nothing as it is not as big as big writer awards.Knowing reads is a thrill and it should not be unavailable. The “publishing” in YSC itself is an award. Hurting editor’s feelings is in no way appreciated. One who started this publishing cite is to be always honored and applause will come as your comments. To honor and to be honored, let us stop this discussion from here.


    Tejas Jani

    Wow. In the months that I was away from YSC, she has seen so much, it seems.

    Firstly, Dear chief, I stand by you for every word you said on this thread.
    I want to thank the YSC for this decision.

    I, personally, did not have anything against the SPIXers. I agree that it was a way of reaching out to more people. And it seemed to be working too. But, unknowingly, the damage it did to the repute of the YSC was huge. After reading a few SPIXers initially, I lost interest in them, to be honest. I cannot speak for anyone else, but for me, with all due respect, SPIXers deteriorated overall literary quality of YSC in my mind. Considering what YSC has given me as a writer, it hurt.

    I understand that, as you said, you could not go ahead with providing read counts for the stories due to technical constraints; which, in turn, made you call off SPIXers. Blessing in disguise, if you ask me 😉 But at the same time, I also think that the read count is a sort of feedback which would motivate a writer. I am not one of those, but I am sure many would think otherwise. I request you to see if there is an alternate possibility of providing read counts, without impacting the server load, for those writers to whom it means a lot. (Let SPIXers continue to rest in peace though : P)

    After going through all the replies in this thread, I cannot help but go on to say what I am going to say…

    Dear Omar Adarsh, if you understand all the stories which you read here, you would agree that Editor’s Choices have never let YSC down. And there is a reason why the Editor’s Choices are top notch. They know what they are doing! So don’t doubt their judgement. You are able to spit crap on this forum because you logged in to their platform. Pay some respect for what YSC gives you for FREE. All the fuss that you are making about it being your first story and the effort you had put in went in vain would peter out if you focused on diverting your energy to writing something that would win you an Editor’s Choice. That should have been your way to hit back, if you could.

    And dear Aashirya A (if you want me to call you that), the readers’ role on this website is to “enjoy” the stories for free and provide feedback as comments. I don’t think it takes rocket science to figure it out, does it?

    And, if everything that rhymed made sense, Oxford wouldn’t give a damn about the tense. A little rhyme for you. It hurt, didn’t it?

    If someone could disguise as someone else to prove his point (and fail), he could go on to faking reads and ratings to prove his story popular too; I’m just saying. What do you think?
    By the way, you must be really good at naming characters in your stories. I loved the fake names of yours (I don’t know which one of these two is true (if at all there is one), but it doesn’t matter because I loved both).

    And if it was about the Prize money, I would be more than happy to fund that for you. I am sad I had to say this, but I could not find any other reason for your vomit.

    And just to tell you, I am one of the “people” you were talking about. And I do NOT agree to a word that you said. So let “people” relax, and speak just for you.

    I really would love to see you come up with some brilliant stories in times to come, which win you editor’s choices, get you writer of the year award and earn you a lot of cash from YSC; so that we can party and buy you some manners to respond to girls respectfully! 😉



    We are happy to announce that “number of reads” feature is now available and shown immediately after the excerpt on your story page. As this feature uses data directly from our google analytics account, earlier reads are not missed. Please note that data is updated after some interval (few hours). Few story page may not show the data and looking into the issue.


    shyam sundar bulusu

    Dear Chief,

    Thanks but small solace. My “SHE” has lost her battle with YSC. The reads were above 19,000 when the count was called off. It shows 2457 now. THE EARLIER READS HAVE BEEN MISSED. I feel sad 🙁

    Happy New Year and all the best to YSC.




    Dear Mr. Bulusu,
    Thank you for your kind wishes and we wish you too a very happy, healthy and joyful new year.
    We had many issues with the earlier counter including no proven/authentic way of capturing unique reads, not able to distinguish between human and non-human visitors, not performance friendly etc. We has spent significant effort in researching the suitable read counter that fetches unique reads directly from our Google Analytics account. I don’t think any story lost its unique reads as since beginning we have been using Google Analytics account. If you find significance difference with the reads from the earlier counter, I would recommend to believe reads from this new counter.


    shyam sundar bulusu

    Dear Chief Editor,

    Thanks for response. The essence of the reply is that a great majority of the 19000-odd reads of my “SHE” was due to “non-human visitors” or “non-unique visits” (i.e. fake i.e. I myself visited). It is sad that YSC has taken this line of argument. Since I have already stopped submitting my writings for publication on YSC, I do not wish to prolong the futile discussion any further. I am extremely pained that my association with YSC had to end on this very sour note.

    All the best and blessings.



    Dear Mr. Bulusu,
    We do understand your disappointment due to the difference you see between reads counted by the two counters. Our humble submission is that the earlier counter was buggy. We really feel sorry if our continuous improvement to provide healthier and better platform to our members has hurt you in any manner. We thank you in advance for your kind understanding and look forward for your active participation on YSC. We really miss you!



    Hello, few of you are writing us that reads count is shown 0 for your story and may have concern that actual reads count is lost. Please note that to display the reads, we fetch the count from our google analytics account once in 24 hours. In few cases it may happen that we get error due to many possible reasons such as timeout. In such cases, you may find reads to be shown either 0, unavailable or ’empty’. However actual reads are intact as they are maintained by google separately. Please check after 24 hours for the update. We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and support.




    i am recently writing a blog. its mini stories around 100 words.

    stories with TWIST. some different kind of writing which is addictive.

    please read some stories and you will know.


    happy reading.

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