Love’2012 – Short Story Writing Competition

Thanks for enthusiastic participation in Love’2012 – Short Story Writing Competition. We received many love stories that depict various colors of love. For me, all stories are winner in portraying love in one or another form. However, we needed to select 3 winners and believe me it was really tough. Let’s together congratulate the winners. Once again, we thank you all for your active participation and wish you all the best for your story publishing. – Chief Editor.

Winners of Love’2012 – Short Story Writing Competition

Congratulations!!! Each of These Stories Won INR 2012 (US$ 40).


That Evening

This short story love depicts love between husband and wife after five years of marriage when love apparently appears to be fading but in fact it is other way.

Love You Flower Diary

When Spring Never Comes

Short story love of a tree. A girl grew up with a tree. She found both she and tree love the same person. Realizing that the tree is better lover than her, she opted to become like tree – forever.

Love Broken Heart

I AM SORRY MA…M – Short Story Internet Love

This short story internet love of Gen Y is vivid representation of love over Internet using fake profile. It also offers few interesting snaps of love chat.

Read all stories participated in Love-2012 Story Writing Competition.

About Love’2012 – Short Story Writing Competition

We, Team, welcome 2012 by making it “Love Filled” exciting for you by announcing Short Story Writing Competition – Love’2012. Under this scheme you can win 3x 2012 (INR 2012 or US$ 40) by submitting Your Love Story. Please read rules and details below and feel free to contact us if you have any further question or doubt.

What is Love’2012 Short Story Writing Competition and how to participate?

Love’2012 is a short story writing competition. One can take part in this competition by submitting her Story, in English language, under Love and Romance category. Story must be submitted for publishing between December 14 2011 00:01 Hrs IST and January 31 2012 23:59 Hrs IST. If you are ready with your love story, click here to submit it. Read more details how to submit story.

How I know that my story is selected for Love’2012 Short Story Writing Competition?

Our editors will review every story submitted during the specified period and decide category of the story. The story will be automatically selected for Love’2012 story writing competition if our editors decide the submission to be “Story” in “English Language” and its category to be “Love and Romance”. For all selected story, writer would be informed by Team. Additionally when story is published, below its title, it will have comment “This short story is selected for Love’2012 Story Writing Competition”. You may also confirm it by contacting us by providing us your user id, title of story, and date of submission of story.

Please note that our editors’ decision to select story for Love’2012 will be final and it would not be possible for us to explain reason if story is not selected for Love’2012 competition.

How will a story win? What is Prize amount? When will result be declared?

Our editors will, using pre defined criteria, critically review and rate all the stories participating in Love’2012 story writing competition, and will select top THREE stories as winner.

All three winner stories will be rewarded with INR 2012 (US$40) each. Result will be declared on or before February 10 2012.

Our editors’ decision will be final and we may not provide any justification for given rating.

What are criteria to decide winner of Love’2012?

Our editors will review the story and rate it for following FIVE criteria from 1-Lowest to 10-Highest. Each criterion has equal weight and thus every story selected for Love’2012 story writing competition will be rated for maximum 50 marks. Every story will be rated by minimum TWO editors to avoid any obvious bias. If difference between two ratings is more than 5 marks, third editor will rate the story and her rating will be considered final rating. If the difference is 5 or less marks, higher rating between the two ratings will be considered.

Top three scorers will be declared as winner. The criteria are:

  1. How interesting plot of story is?
  2. How much does beginning of story generate curiosity or interest?
  3. How exciting end is? How clear message of story is?
  4. Fluency and ease of language, logical connection among sentences and paragraphs, overall grammar
  5. How much does a common reader (as per our editors’ opinion) relate herself with this story?

Will ratings of all or winner stories be published? May I know the rating of my story?

No it wouldn’t be published. Yes, you may contact us by providing us link to your story from your email id registered with us and we will send you the rating. Please note that it may take a week time.

Can I submit more than one story? Will it be possible for the same writer to win more than one prize?

Yes you can. We recommend so because it increases your chance of winning. Yes it is possible. Our editors will review all stories and select three best stories irrespective of whether they are submitted by one or different writers.

Can I submit Poetry? Can I submit story in Hindi?

Only English stories under Love and Romance category submitted within the specified period will be considered for Love’2012 story writing competition.

If my story is selected for Love’2012, can it still participate in Earn it Your Way to become SPIXer and win weekly Jackpot?


My story, selected for Love’2012, has already won Jackpot as SPIXer under Earn it Your Way, will it still be considered for Love’2012?


How will prize be delivered?

Delivery of payment is same as that of Earn it Your Way. Click here for details.



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    Thanks for enthusiastic participation. We received love stories that depict various colors of love. For me, all stories are winner in portraying love. However, we need to select 3 winners and believe me it is really tough. All the best for result


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