The Bindi

I panicked and started searching in almirahs and cupboards. Suddenly I saw a bright red spot on an old steel box placed inside the cupboard.I went near it and viola it’s a bindi! (Reads: 0)

Pages from my diary

The family finished breakfast with minimum incidents. Mummy leaves R to dad and tries to clean his wardrobe. Mom starts humming a song and feels positive. (Reads: 0)


All of a sudden, the car slowed down. There was a road block ahead and he witnessed a crowd in front of them. Everybody was trying to move ahead. the road was packed with police vans and other vehicles. (Reads: 27)


If all around the world hates one word, that will be you,” failure”, I wonder, how can something exist in the world, with everybody’s hatred? oh failure! all would have tasted you, all will love to spit you (Reads: 6)