The Trouble maker

Cindy shaking stood and peered at the window she knew she just saw something run across the garden in fear she lifted her hand and pointed towards the garden. (Reads: 82)


In one June evening, after so many years, I saw him again, sitting beside the pond with a fishing rod. He now looked old. But all his actions and poses were of that of the same man I saw in yesteryears. (Reads: 37)


Followings are 16 poetic lines in Hindi about different subjects and expressions, each of them is dealing with a specific and different topic and feeling through it. (Reads: 19)

True Life

The Shakespearean work which describe life of human through its each line to a its very true context is also based on his observations from the nature. (Reads: 30)

Synonym of Strength

When a misfortune happen to you, by some horrible wild creatures, all supported those beasts, because you were wrong, if you were a real lady, you would have been in home and not in a road (Reads: 15)