Investigative Investigators and the Maths Murder Mystery

She destroyed Elena’s phoenix and replaced it with a different one to make it look as if there really was a spirit at work! And that’s why the equations were all wrong! She obviously wasn’t her Maths teacher’s favourite. (Reads: 126)


They have no strength or vitality left in them. You witnessed the little mortal here at my feet just now surrender to death even before the dogs began to feed. They have lost their fight. (Reads: 13)


He said battle of oranges that sounded like a fruit festival, as I thought do they eat them, grow them, play with them or fight with them, as it was a battle. (Reads: 55)

The Healing Soul

I collected my pieces and got up with a minor headache. I opened the door and looked to the bright sun in front of me which half closed my eyes at first but then accepted them. (Reads: 128)