Lagwa Lo

This is a Hindi satire on the “Flex culture” of our country, in which the careless attitude of printing and placing flexes all over the places has been targeted with the attitude of people towards it. (Reads: unavailable)

True Life

The Shakespearean work which describe life of human through its each line to a its very true context is also based on his observations from the nature. (Reads: unavailable)

Synonym of Strength

When a misfortune happen to you, by some horrible wild creatures, all supported those beasts, because you were wrong, if you were a real lady, you would have been in home and not in a road (Reads: unavailable)

Potion of Love

Strange are human creatures. Who loves whom, how much and why is still unknown. They give away the most valuable things to their near and dear one just like that. I’m also not an exception. (Reads: unavailable)