Some Deaths are God’s Mistake

Excerpt: Editor's Choice - May be you had created a beautiful heaven for her, in which she will be treated like a princess ,just to compensate all the worries that, You had deliberately given to her (Reads: 166)


This poem is selected as Editor’s Choice and won INR 500


Poem – Some Deaths are God’s Mistake
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Dear death,
How can you knock her door without even a trivial sympathy ?
How can you forget the little baby in her arms ?
How cruel you are to remove her smile forever!
How brutal you are as you decided to live us in darkness!
Why can’t you let her live and take
somebody who really desire you?
Why do you made her breath her last
without giving even a slight indication?

Dear death,
May be you are right
She strives hard to live
She suffer a lot of pain
But she loves to live
You didn’t allow her.

Dear God
May be you had created a beautiful heaven for her
in which she will be treated like a princess
just to compensate all the worries that
You had deliberately given to her
You may think that makes her happy
but unfortunately you are wrong
You can’t see her smile there
because in the midst of all her worries
she loved everyone
she wanted to live with some beautiful souls
whom loved her a lot
You give her a painful life
but she didn’t complain
instead she invoke you with her prayers
and ask everyone to believe You
You give her a painless death
whom everyone wish
but she never forget the mental strain she go through
and never forgive you for taking her away
from what she wanted the most
She will cry throughout as
she can’t see her baby anymore
She shed tears as he can’t see her again
She curse herself for becoming too good
She will get angry seeing the helplessness of her family
she feel shame on herself for making
them inseparable with her
She feel guilty for making everyone dependable
She will feel jealousy for everyone
who can see, touch and care her son.

Dear God,
May be you loved her innocence to the core
and invite her to your world to experience her love
but remember you will fail in your attempt
as she can never love somebody
more than her son
even if it is the “Creator Himself”
She doubts you as you crushed her dreams
she will get frustrated as she trust you
and pray to you in the earthly life
She will  hate you for separate her from her son
She will fall as a victim of depression
when she saw her son’s grief

Dear God,
Everything you done were wrong
give life to such a beautiful soul
let all who know her to get addicted with her
give her a fate which possess so much of worries
and give her a death that leads to the misery of many
you may do it in the intention of giving her a rest
but it will only make her restless
To err is human not divine
if you can’t foresee the consequences of you deeds
then, what is the difference between you and us!
This death is Your mistake!


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