Five Poems

Excerpt: I am like salt-common, in my and your life,If I am more than enough, In my and your life, I destroy mine-your -taste of life, But when I am with you, All are with you, I am not God! (Reads: 32)



Five English Poems
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Lessons-tips of life are hidden in life tides,
Reflection of one’s karma is life tide,
A God gift, and blessing is hidden in one’s life tide,
One must enjoy every moment of one’s life tide.


Peaceful Morning-Prayers
With echos,
Of wonderful songs,
Of bird weaver- Humming ,
On early peaceful quiet morning,
As if collectively demonstrating new experiments ,
Of Chanting prayers ,different religions ,
In my secular motherland,
Showing unity in ,
Great diverse ,


Solid -Horse
It is in your desk,
It is in your chair,
It doesn’t change in size,
It doesn’t change in volume,
It is very strong,
In language scientific ,
It is strong solid.

Since my horse,
Is strong like solid,
Therefore I have,
Named it as ,
Solid –horse.
My friends play,
With my horse,
I also play ,
with my horse,
I love my horse,
May God bless,
My strong- horse

I know my horse,
Is healthy and smart,
To have my journey safe,
And fast to school,
I use my best,
friend solid-horse,
As eco friendly,
Transport to school.


Magic Show-Sunrise
Beautiful ,
Sun rises,
Golden rays fall,
On Shadows of branches,
Of sweet Kesari mango trees,
Falling straight on wall of house ,
And watching flowered branch-cactus ,
Looks magic show -sunrise ,
Unique stillness- Quietly,
Prevails gracefully,


Five letter word is my name,
People love me,
I am like salt-common ,
in my and your life,
If I am more than enough,
In my and your life,
I destroy mine-your -taste of life,
But when I am with you,
All are with you,
I am not God!
But people don’t believe ,
that I am less than God.
I may be of some importance ,
in mine and your life,
But I am not everything
in mine and your life.
Tell me my friend!
Who am I?
Yes !my friend
Not God

Sukarma Rani Thareja
Assoiate Professor(Retired)
CSJM Kanpur University

About the Author

sukarma Thareja

Dr Sukarma Rani Thareja is an Associate Professor of chemistry in , Christ Church College, CSJM Kanpur university, Kanpur, UP, India.She did Ph.D Chemistry from IIT-K , India. She has teaching and research experience of several years. Her works has been published in National/International conferences/Journal. In order to inculcate personal and creative interests in students she engages them in summarizing lectures after finishing a chapter in their own words and their own ways. On her part, to make students enjoy attending classes(academic or co curricular) she composes small poems, educational collages to introduce /recapitulate her lessons. This way students have an opportunity to combine chemistry information with their personal reactions. The poem/ educational collage listed above is her humble effort to make co curricular /academic activities popular among masses which otherwise could be monologue. Her academic venture has featured in 1.Collagista magazine(Educational collage) (ISSN: 1837-4891 (PRINT) 2.Crab Fat Magazine(mixed media collage) (ISSN 2374-2526)3.EuroScientist is EuroScience’s webzine(Scientific poem) (ISSN Number-2072-8581), 4.Kaaterskillbasin journal USA(scientific poem:Quantum Chemistry Ageing)( ISSN 2374-2526 ), 5. /worldwide/science-through-poetry-in-india/Poem-Ph World (ISBN 0-. 9550180-0-5),6. 7.Ashvamegh on line Indian Journal of English Literature poem –Little Quanta (ISSN:2454-4574) 8. The Voices Project (USA)Empowering Women Through Self-Expression 9.Photobition –GLAMOUR 2nd online photography exhibition(1stmarch-15th march 2016) 10. poem by Dr Mrs Sukarma Rani Thareja entitled”Le Chatleirs Principle An online poetry website based in Bristol, UK. ... ISBN 9781909404250

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