Love Poems – Love, beauty & moments priceless

Excerpt: Three Love Poems - last nite: I want you to know my love is true; your beauty: when I see you I find you so divine; moment priceless: when you are around, it is priceless. (Reads: 1,433)


Last Nite – Love Poem

Love Poems

Love Poems
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the wonderful setting
and the breeze blowing
there were voices near
but none i could hear

baby when i saw u tonite
glowing in the twilight
my eyes turned blue
coz i was looking at u

u looked so divine
tat i fell in love again

want to hold u light
and kiss u tight…
on such a lovely nite
with only u and me in sight

i want you to know
that i love you
my love is true
and my life is u

soon u r gonna be away
but in my heart u will stay
forever and ever this way


your beauty – Love Poem

on a cold night
i want to write
a lot about you
n how i see you

your face?, glowing
your eyes?, inviting
your smile?, enchanting
your lips?, tempting

hmm…more than this
when i sit and think
i am unable to ink
about your beauty
coz u know sweety

u look so divine….
that intoxicates my mind!


moments priceless – Love Poem

these days i feel blue
coz i am without you
not everyone knows who

you and i, apart n far
saying, miss you dear
u make me feel so near

my heart flies a mile
when i feel u r smile
just for a while

when you are around
even for a second
joy knows no bound

have had moments timeless
this was a glimpse no less
but darling, it was priceless!


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