The Glass of Wine

Excerpt: Now your favourite love songs meant something more,you sung along those lines,you smiled,you blushed,you had dreamy eyes,you were lost in thoughts,you spent most of your day in front of the mirror,j (Reads: 27)


Spoken word poetry:

It was broken,shattered,

not actually like pieces of glass spread on a road after a car crash,

But yeah!It did hurt.

There were memories which would often pop up.

Remember, just like the stains of the red wine you spilled on your favourite white dress.

It was dear,it made you look beautiful!

You tried and tried and tried hard,

you used a different detergent each week,

you searched the net in those sleepless nights for solutions,

you scrubbed it,

you rubbed it,

you brushed it and brushed it harder and harder and harder and harder,

until one day,

it just tore apart!

And you still weren’t satisfied.

You searched the drawer for a pair of scissors and you fortunately found one.

And it was in bits and pieces of white with some red stains the very next minute.

You took them to the backyard with a matchbox,

you lit them,

the stains were screaming inside the fire.

You went running back to your room and isolated yourself because even the smoke made you feel uneasy.

When the fire was cool the next morning you took the ashes and threw them ruthlessly far away down the lane,

hoping the sweeper would take it away the next morning.

Your mom sent you to the supermarket the same evening,

and while going down the lane,

you couldn’t help yourself glancing and then staring towards those ashes,

just hoping for a second,

that your dear white dress would come up from those ashes just like a phoenix.

You were roaming or even lost in the supermarket,

after the chocolates you just bought for your cute little brother reminded you of the stains again.

You were baffled,

you were gasping,

you didn’t know where to run and where to stop,

to just get yourself away from those stains.

And then,

and then,

it just took a smile,

a cute little smile!

It just came like a pleasant spring breeze,

smelling the roses from your backyard,

and just took away the ashes from you,

they were gone,

they were gone far away!

You did love your white dress,

but now the pink one seemed the dearest among the two.

It made you look beautiful,

not only to yourself,

but now to the world too!

Even when the sun was beating down on your head,

you felt the sweat,

like drops from the very first shower in the monsoon.

The rose smelt sweet,

the honey tasted even sweeter,

but you knew,

you knew,

what was the sweetest of all!

Now your favourite love songs meant something more,

you sung along those lines,

you smiled,

you blushed,

you had dreamy eyes,

you were lost in thoughts,

you spent most of your day in front of the mirror,

just trying to get every bit of yours look perfect,

for the video call in the night!

But you knew,

you knew,

even if you have messy hair and,

you didn’t apply all those heavy and expensive cosmetics,

the very first thing you would hear on the call was,”Hey!you look quite beautiful in that pink dress.”

And so,

And so the next time you visited the bar,

for a glass of wine,

you were careful,

you are very careful,

not to spill the glass of wine back again on your dress!


About the Author

Kushagra Sathe

I am currently a student pursuing bachelor of arts through Pune university!I love writing short stories and poems!

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