Excerpt: You are my friend who'll never go away, Going away is time, like sand in my hands, It slips through my fingers , each grain is a memory, My memory I share with you. (Reads: 137)



Poem – ME
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World is on my fingertip

I trip I slip but it’s only ME who grips.

Grips me back to reality Oh! there goes the gravity!

Gravity that pulls me down makes me want to fly.


Fly away in the blue sky

Sky is from where I look down

Down the green masquerade of life

Life, My life, Oh my dear life,

You love me I love you

Love is what makes it all happen !


Happened once that I’ll never forget

Never forget the way you made me feel happy

Happy like a morning bird cheerful and glad,

glad I am when I talk to you.


You are my mom, my dad , my brother,

Brother in despair , best friend in bliss.

Bliss is when you define what a friend is

Is it just for time sake? I ask myself

My SELF answers it “No. No its deeper;

deeper than words can describe..”

Non-descriptive is the feeling when I am with you.


You make me laugh in tears,

You listen to me when no one hears.

No one knows the core of my heart

that heart my heart is a soft oyster

Oyster with a hard shell

‘Shelly’ is my deception

Deception is not what YOU see.


You see my Pearl, pearl is what it is

I am not afraid to share it with you.

You are my friend who’ll never go away

Going away is time, like sand in my hands

It slips through my fingers , each grain is a memory

My memory I share with you

You are the one I spent my entire life with.


Entire life is a small epoch

epoch of overwhelming faith and pure love;

Love is divine I cannot define.

Defining you has always been difficult

difficult is this to understand that

You my Friend is ME.

Me is god; I love god; I love ME.


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Shaily Chauhan

Poet, writer by hobby. Love music , creative, sketcher, learner, observer , people lover, beautiful and loving. S/W engineer by profession. Poet by decision !

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