Queen of Solitude

Excerpt: Oh silence, the queen of solitude, you somehow became the, language of my heart, my dearest and true friend who never betrays, you became my token of waiting (Reads: unavailable)


Oh silence!
How beautiful your language is
No words can express all emotions
at its peek but you can
That is why we adopt you when we are
at those exclusive occasions
we all could have experienced,
atleast once in our life,
the beauty of silence
while we are at the high spirits of ecstasy or
in the extreme disconsolate situation
While we are in the cradle of inexpressible love
or at the peek of uncontrollable rage
while we are shielded with other’s adoration and respect or
with contempt and humiliation
while we are at the verge of surprise or
at the brim of disgust
while we are in the margin of fear or
in the hem of anticipation
why we chose silence for all these situation
may be because it is so powerful as it
communicate every emotions

oh silence! You possess all the words
but you are silent
you show all the faces
in the same state but in various manifestation
we kept silent in our deepest prayers
we feel content in the silence of god
and we have accepted god’s language as silence
just keep numb and
listen to the silence of our heart
sometimes that is the only
solution  for all our problems

it confuses me
what is the language of this world
words or silence?

I do remember a quote
it says, “speak only when
you feel that your words are
better than your silence”
I think ,if it becomes a rule
Nobody in the world could speak a single word
as no word is better than silence

Oh silence, the queen of solitude
you somehow became the
language of my heart
my dearest and true friend who never betrays
symbol of my courage
you sometimes act as the way of my revenge
you became my token of waiting
In many times you transformed into my inside cry
sometimes you act as a precaution for
avoiding many of my  problems


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