School Days..

Excerpt: Those loving days of our early ages, and the open books with curly pages,We miss our each n every class,whether nursery or tenth..(the last).. (Reads: 14,769)


A Poem – School days..


School days.. – A Poem

(At Ujjwal English School, Jalgaon)


Those loving days of our early ages, and the open books with curly pages,

We miss our each n every class,

whether nursery or tenth..(the last)..

That small play ground of ours, and those different Pepsi flavors,

The game of cricket with pad and paper ball,

and that half coat game of basketball..


We miss each and every football goal, and that unwanted ringing

The boring exercise on Saturdays,

and that “Muskaan’s  golawala ” on the roadways..

We miss our great “Nishid Sir “, who used to say “beta ” in every word,

That small house of “bai ” without latch,

where we used to see score of every cricket match..


We miss the fun behind the classroom doors,

where everyone got a treatment of sand and water in skin pores,

Those uniform “om ” voices, and the funny farting noises..

We miss our notice board in the trees,

and “Kiran Teacher ” calling names for remaining fees..

Those late fines for every reason,

and the shifting of benches for dancing season..


We hated the arrival of guests for inspection,

and the laughter on “Vinay Agrawal’s ” every objection,

That breakdown of see-saw in playgroup,

And the partiality by “Sakshi Teacher ” for girls’ group..

We miss the punishment of standing outside,

and the hide n seek game at toilet’s backside,

The boring choices songs during gathering,

and the ringing of “Mansi Di’s ” phone before marriage.. Tring tring..


We miss the fight between “Pratik Lathi(me) ” and “Chirag Pagaria ” at Pachmarhi,

and also the concept of preparing diff not-so-matching “Jodi “,

Those celebrations of all festivals on ground,

and the PT-period’s compulsory warm up rounds..

We miss the kabaddi matches between seniors and junior,

where one would always got injure,

The bags on friendship day used to be full of bands,

and the most famous injury of “Siddharth Kshatriya’s ” fracture hand..


School days at Ujjwal were always a sort of fun,

Remember “Harshal Birla ” showing his “shotgun “..


We miss the parcel of bhel by “Shashank Agrawal ” on every Holi,

and evryone asking bout “Kaamini Teacher’s ” jhap.. “Tujhe kya boli?”

Remember “Dhiraj Rote n Sharayu Somani ” minding the whole class,

and “Rishikesh Totla’s ” daal fry.. Jhakkas..

We miss many of the birthdays of “Gagrani Teacher ” celebrated on the stage,

and also how can we forgot our “Tilak Kabra’s ” burning rage,

The celebration of Diwali with different lightings,

and remember “Mayur Chowdhari ” taking his pant up every time for tightening..


We miss the great voice of “Abhinav Patil “,

and the “zero-attendance” girl..”Yogini Patil “,

Remember those famous “Akshay Biyani’s ” “chatka”,

and also “Siddharth Ghodke’s ” bijli ka jhatka..

We miss the partition of class into two dice,

one were the “baila’s ” and others were “x-boys “,

..(both of them now dun have a single invoice)..

The project given to us during holidays,

and the “not-so-sporty” sports days..


We miss the topper-trio of “Abhishek Somani, Shubham Dhamande and Hussain miya “,

and also the famous disease called “Kewalomiya “,

The fight between “Anay Damani and Radhika Laddha “,

and also the chakkar of “Ankesh n Amisha..”

We miss “Gaurav Rana’s ” daily dose, and “Utsav Bafna’s ” overdose,

Remember those “mahajanpadas ” of history,

and “Nitesh Pareek’s ” walk..(still a mystery)


We miss the linguaphone language lecture by “Praveen sir ”,

and also the true supporter of boys “Aamir sir “,

The different flavors of gola by “Rashmi Kurkure ”,

and that famous dialogue of “shev mumurey “..

School days at Ujjwal were really blossom,

and “Mani’s(Ameya shimpi’s) ” every basket.. Awesome..

How can v forgot the famous “baheTEA” i.e. Raghvendra Baheti,

and remember that worst “shiiii..” i.e. Pranay Raghuwanshi..


Those were the best days of our lives,

which cannot be shared with our wives : p..(just kidding..)

These are the memories of lifetime,

There are many more but will tell u next time..


[Till then take care bye and don’t forget to see the video of I MISS MY SCHOOL DAYS on YouTube.]

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